My blogifesto

Hello all,

welcome to my little world. With this first post, I thought that it might be a good idea to state front and center why I am starting a food blog. A blogifesto, if you will.

So let’s all take a deep breath, and here we go:

I plan on using this blog as a journal of my eats, exercise, random ponderings, and general life shenanigans.

I would like it to serve as a forum for my writing, a distinct (yet long-neglected) passion for this chemistry major. Hopefully, the creativity cobwebs haven’t settled down too deeply in the back of my brain.

I will use this blog to keep me accountable about my food choices, and help me with sticking to a healthy, active lifestyle.

I hope that someday, this blog and my story might inspire others to fully embrace their inner nerd and bring it roaring out into the world. Eccentricity is the spice of life, kids (or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself when I find myself living with 10 cats).

I hope that the hiking information provided here might inspire others to venture out into the great outdoors. There’s nothing more I like to do than get outside, so hopefully that unbridled outdoor-related glee may rub off on others.

I want to become a more active member of the food blogging community since so many of the amazing woman with food blogs have inspired me along my journey.

Ultimately, I want this blog to serve as a celebration of life’s little pleasures. You know what I’m talking about…that very first sip of coffee when you wake up in the morning, the smell of barbecue on a summer evening, the featherlight touch of a summer scarf wrapped softly around your neck, the sight of dappled light cascading through a great oak tree and into your line of vision at dusk. I want to take those moments and blow them up here for the world (or at least a handful of people anyways) to appreciate. Let’s celebrate these moments for what they are: the true zest of life!

To life, to life, L’chai-im! When I’m not basking in the esoteric pleasures of this world and spouting musical quotes like a madwoman, I’ll give you pictures of oatmeal.

In today’s bowl:

1/3 cup quick oats, blob of homemade cinnamon almond butter, 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1/2 T wheat germ, 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water, small sliced banana whipped into the mix, pinch salt, cinnamon + pumpkin pie spice


Coffee plus soy creamer and truvia was also consumed.

When in doubt, oatmeal pictures shall always suffice! Who could ask for anything more? (Name that musical quote!)

All silliness aside, I hope you’ll keep reading. Thanks for bearing witness to my blogifesto!

Question: What’s your favorite musical???


4 responses to “My blogifesto

  1. wow– that oatmeal looks like bliss! good luck with the new blog, and i look forward to any and all oatmeal pictures you throw at the world:)

  2. wonder of wonders–i understood a musical reference! Anything goes, indeed.

  3. Your oatmeal looks amazing! Especially in that bowl we bought at Anthro 🙂 I love my guest appearance in a couple of your pics (or at least as the fab photographer of your lobster-man-cape adventure, ha). Can’t wait to see what this blog has to come. You have at least one loyal reader already! 🙂

  4. Lindsay-I read the whole thing today and am still loving it- G.Jan

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