Going through containers like it’s my job

Let it be known that I am a tupperware queen. The residents at my work always make fun of me for how huge my lunches look and how I always seem to be carrying a stack of tupperware into the dining room come lunch time. I have explained to them on several occasions that my lunches only look like they could feed a horse because of how compartmentalized they are. When you have to have a separate container for your veggie, your fruit, your salad dressing…..it starts to add up!

Lunch is typically the meal that consumes most of the tupperware in my house. Even though I really do love lunch, I often curse it late at night when I’m hunched over my kitchen sink washing all the tupperware I used throughout the day. Goshdarn stinking containers!

I’ve tried to remedy the container situation by purchasing some uber-fancy Fresh n’ Fit tupperware from that beacon of glory, Target (pronounced Tar-jay please).

Let it be known that this beauty of a container (and its sister salad container pack) really do work at effectively consolidating a whole bunch of containers into one (with ice packs included!). I love using them!

Today, however, both of my Fresh n’ Fit containers were dirty from previous day’s usages, so back to the massive amount of containers I went.


Lunch today consisted of:

  • Baby spring mix salad with heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and the last of my balsamic dressing

Yes. It does look strange, but it tasted delicious! Hidden under the orange stuff is quinoa. The green things are the pepitas, and the white stuff is coconut!

  • Apple (I was going to go with some blackberries, but that would have required another container! So the apple was selected instead…)

Lunch today was delicious and quite satisfying. My planned afternoon snack of popcorn failed, however, when the bag decided to burn after only a minute in the microwave! Usually, it takes three! I insist that I just had a bad bag on my hands…there was no user error here! Needless to say, my residents loved me for stinking up their house with burnt popcorn smell. Oooooops.


I had to use another container for dinner because it was an on-the-go affair tonight. For AmeriCorps duty today, I was scheduled to take some of the residents to a New Britain Rock Cats minor league baseball game!

I didn’t feel like shelling out my limited dough for an overly greasy ballpark dinner, so I went with something tried and true: a highly portable veggie sandwich!

On top of two slices of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, I added TJ’s hummus, sliced bell peppers, mustard, tomato slices, spinach, and 1/4 of an avocado.

To quote Emeril: Bam.

Blackberries on the side for some antioxidants and sweetness.

A little crunchy crunchy pub mix (1/3 cup serving) from Whole Foods for dessert. Gotta get my crunch on at a baseball game.

Now off to tackle my mountain of dishes and read before bed!


4 responses to “Going through containers like it’s my job

  1. Hi Lindsay! I found your blog through Oh She Glows and I love it! It’s so great to see someone working on their body in such a healthy and passionate way–by doing what you love! I have great respect for you and wish you all the best! Also your tupperware looks bangin! I love that stuff.

  2. I am the Tupperware queen at my job too!! I eat breakfast, lunch, and a snack all at work, so my lunch bag (which is actually a cooler) haha is HUGE. And sometimes I still have to throw a few things in my purse that won’t fit in my bag. Oh the joys of having to bring your own lunch to stay healthy!!

    Nice blog! (I’m a new reader, I just found your site on Kaths)

    • Thanks, Lyndsey! I’m glad you like the blog. 🙂 About the Tupperware, it somtimes gets embarassing how many containers I’ll take with me to work, especially on days when I’ll be at work for lunch + afternoon snack + dinner. But I definitely stand by the Fresh n’ Fit line. They work wonderfully at minimizing the amount of containers I have swimming around in my bag.

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