Start the day with a smile

I woke up around 7 this morning to a sky full of clouds and rain. Sigh…New England, you have not been treating me well this week with your consistently overcast weather. I’m hoping it starts to perk up a bit by the weekend, but nothing cures the effects of a sad sky and cold air like a big bowl of chia oats!

Enter my army of oat soldiers.

Ready and raring to go. At my command, they will unleash their full fury! Be afraid!

Wait a sec. What are you doing there with that big grin plastered on your face? That’s not intimidating! Don’t let the other see you or else….

This will happen!

The fury of the soldiers has been defused by a rogue soldier. Happiness abounds! Peace prevails again.

In my bowl of Can’t Stop Smiling Oats:

  • 1/3 cup Coach’s Oats
  • 1/3 cup soymilk (makes for extra creamy oats!), 2/3 cup H2O
  • 1/2 T chia seeds
  • pinch of salt, couple shakes of cinnamon
  • 1/2 t cacao nibs for the mouth
  • 1 T Justin’s honey peanut butter blobs for the eyes and nose
  • Sliced nanner whipped into the mix

A tiny bit of granola (maybe 1T or so?) was also added to the mix just for a little bit of crunch.

Now turn that frown upside down.

And head out to conquer this rainy day with gusto! If a bowl of oats can do it, anyone can.

And if oats don’t do it for you, there will always be coffee. The sweet smell of java always brings the smiles to my face. Off to the gym for a quick workout before work….


One response to “Start the day with a smile

  1. Never thought the sight of oatmeal would make me laugh first thing in the a.m… congratulations!

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