The Cooking Monster

The cooking beast has returned!


I couldn’t take another portable meal (see the last two night’s dinners)! Every impulse within me beckoned me to the kitchen this evening. So to the kitchen I went….

And once there, I busted out skillets and tossed around oil. I flipped and stirred. I chopped and boiled. Ahhhhh….who knew cooking could feel so right?

With my cooking juices (for lack of a better word?) racing at full tilt tonight, I created a simple, delicious, single-serving meal of beauty tonight.

Enter: Goat Cheesy Shrimp and Asparagus Pasta.

To start, I sauteed up some garlic, herbs, shrimp and asparagus in olive oil. Once done, I added this to a serving of cooked whole wheat pasta shells and marinara sauce. I topped off this pasta concoction with some goat cheesy magic:

I then mixed the goat cheese into the hot marinara sauce, creating an ooey goeey, creamy sauce for the pasta….be still my heart.

Topped off with a sprinkle (or two…or three…) of red pepper flakes. I loooove heat.

I enjoyed every last bite. I’m glad my inner mad chemist (I was a chemistry major, you know) creates stuff like this for me to eat. Mwahaha….

I’ve added this recipe to the recipe page in case anyone wants to try it out. Obviously, I would highly recommend it. 🙂

Dessert was a hunk of glorious dark chocolate: TJ’s Swiss Dark 71% Cacao. The perfect amount of sweetness.

I ate a square off before I took this picture, hence the jaggedy edge. I couldn’t help myself!

I’m now going to clean my kitchen (the return of the cooking beast means the return of the pot washing beast) and catch up on the last episode of LOST. Nighty night!


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