Egg Fail!

Tonight, I dreamed of eggs for dinner.

But not just any kind of eggs. Oh no.

Tonight was destined to be my first attempt at poached eggs.

I was inspired by a cute little tutorial on Jenna’s Eat Live Run blog. She made it seem so easy, so foolproof. I thought to myself….I could do that. How could I possibly mess it up with her quality instructions guiding me? Plus, I know eggs. I love them, eat them, cherish them. I have cooked them so many times before in so many ways. I am an omelette queen, so I figured the poached technique couldn’t be THAT difficult.

I got everything ready to go.

Including Jenna’s secret ingredient:

I followed the directions and slipped in the eggs once the water had reached a simmer.

Things seemed okay for a while. I didn’t dare disturb the pot during the allotted three minute cooking period. But alas! Something went awry! This was the result:

A soggy blobby egg mess! Ewwww…..egg fail! I was annoyed at the lose off my two precious eggs, and I wasn’t feeling resilient enough to try the poached technique again. Instead, I went with something tried and true. Something I knew wouldn’t fail me!

Fried eggs! Pretty much foolproof….I paired my eggies with some olive whole wheat bread from Whole Foods (which I used for yolk dipping), roasted asparagus (seasoned with EVOO + salt + pepper), and roasted heirloom tomatoes.

I added a bit of butter to my bread before I began the dipping fest, and it turned the meal into something special. I love super simple meals like this. It almost made up for the poached egg disaster….

Desert was a serving of refreshing lemon sorbet.

Light and delicious.

My snack today included a new drink I found from Whole Foods.

The entire thing is only 80 cal and contains ton of electrolytes. I drank it after I went to the gym, so it tasted extra amazing! While a bit sugary for my tastes, it definitely made me feel nice and hydrated. Gotta love all the potassium!

Tonight, my boyfriend Pete is driving down from Portsmouth, NH (about 2.5 hrs north of Hartford) for a night of karaoke fun with my roommate. As excited as I am to make other people’s ears bleed tonight when I bust out my best rendition of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, I’m even more excited for our plans tomorrow…we’re going hiking! That’s why I went to Whole Foods today to stock up on portable snacks! It will be Pete’s first time hiking (he’s a Jersey boy…that’s his excuse anyway), so I’m really excited about this excursion! I’m not sure where we’ll go, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be somewhere in the Berkshires. Can’t wait to get my hiking groooooove on again.

Alrighty bloggies, I’ll catch up with you tomorrow evening at some point with a recap of our hike! Happy Friday!


2 responses to “Egg Fail!

  1. This is too funny. I saw that post from Eat Live Run and did a lot of trial-and-error poached eggs on Monday. I’ve got it down to a science now — I’ll call you sometime with my findings! (Also super strange: while I was making my first time ever poached eggs I watched Jeopardy– don’t judge– and the VERY FIRST question was “what are eggs benedict?” — TOO WEIRD!)

    Also those Vita Cocos are pretty much a miracle cure for hangovers. True story. xoxo

  2. Hey girlie! I just made poached eggs for the firs time. Teh first one was a fail because it wasn’t hot enough. I didn’t even use vinegar but my eggs were farm fresh, which helps…if you search for “poached eggs” on my blog I’m sure you can find the directions. I stirred mine gently while they cooked and egg 2+3 were perfect! =) Hope maybe that helps!

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