A Walk in the Woods

Hello all!

Today was a great day. A truly and utterly wonderful day.


Because of this:

There’s just something about being in the mountains that makes my soul take flight. I really don’t what it is about them that inspires me so….but gosh. How can a day be bad when you’re staring out at something as serene and peaceful as that scene? It simply can’t!

The day started off with an “early” wake-up call at 7AM (Pete felt it was early anyway). I made a double serving of banana oats, per his request.

In each bowl of oats was:

  • 1/3 cup Coach’s Oats
  • 1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2 cup water
  • pinch salt, cinnamon
  • 1/2 whipped nanner
  • 1T of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter (a glorious nut butter!)
  • 1T flax
  • 1T Udi’s granola

I was excited to start the day off with some oaty goodness. Such great fuel for a hike!

After scarfing down the oats (I always manage to finish my oats; Pete couldn’t finish it though…lol), we ventured to our destination:

Mt. Greylock, the highpoint of Massachusetts at an elevation of 3491 ft

We made it to the trailhead around 10:15 and began our hike around 10:30.

Pete thought my trekking poles were ninja killing weapons. Silly boy

The hike started off with a steep climb that left our hearts pounding and sweat dripping. Even when doing a “less intense” hike like this one, hiking is still such an amazing workout! We encountered our first set of views at this little clearing:

‘Twas gorgeous. Once past this point, the trail met up with the Appalachian Trail (AT), and we enjoyed a relatively flat and easy 3 miles before eventually making it to the summit. Once there, we encountered a strange monument:

And a boatload of people. Sigh….There’s a road that goes to the summit of Mt. Greylock, so dozens of people and cars were milling about all over the summit. The usual solitude of a mountain summit wasn’t to be found here, but I can’t really complain too much. It was a beautiful summit nonetheless.

The views around us were outstanding. The Berkshires have a very special, serene feel to them. So peaceful….these rolling mountains are the type of mountains that would give you a hug if they could. They’re warm and inviting and lovely.

By this time, it was lunch, so we dug into our portable snack stash.

‘Twas yummy if a bit too sweet for me (I feel like I say that a lot…lol). I needed the sugar for energy though!

Pete and I finished our summit stay with a few summit glory shots. I started off with my best attempt at a “Captain Morgan” pose. It was a bit of a fail….

I then went with my tried and true “Hands in the Air” pose. Always a classic….

Pete decided on the “Heroic Explorer” pose.

We made it back to the car around 2:20, making for a 4 hr roundtrip hike of 6 to 7 miles (not sure on exact mileage). I was so proud of Pete for not only conquering his first mountain, but knocking off a state highpoint in the process! He’s starting his hiking career with a bang.

I was quite hangry by the time we returned to the car. Guess my lame-o bar lunch just wasn’t going to cut it. What to do? Eat another bar?

Yup. As lame as it is, another bar was consumed. This Larabar flavor is my fave!

On the way back, Pete requested a stop at “The Donut Man,” a bakery we had passed earlier on our way to the trailhead. I’m not much of a donut person, but I decided to go with the flow and celebrate our summit with a chocolate donut hole to accompany Pete’s donut selections. I had one bite of it and then gave the rest to Pete. I don’t what it is about donuts, but I just don’t enjoy them. Blech….Pete, on the other hand, gladly accepted my donut reject. He loves his donuts.

My eats today were really skimpy, and I felt (no…I know) that I was underfueled given my activity level. To remedy this, we decided to go to my personal mecca for dinner: WHOLE FOODS!!!!

I loaded up on two different types of broccoli salad, marinated grape tomats, sesame fried tofu, roasted peppers, and a southwestern grain salad.

It was so great getting some colorful food back into my life! I loved the taste of all these amazing veggies….Whole Foods salads just make me so happy, it’s ridiculous.

Dessert was a scoop of peanut butter chip gelato.

Eaten with a mini-spoon, so I could slowly savor each bite:

My stomach felt infinitely better after this meal.

Pete had to leave for Portsmouth (he has work tomorrow) after our meal, so we said our goodbyes until next week. It always sucks saying goodbye…

But I’m still smiling over my lovely day! I just ADORE being in the mountains (as though it wasn’t painfully obvious..lol), and it was even more wonderful to share my mountain time with Pete! Can’t really ask for a better Saturday, in my opinion.

With such an action-packed day behind me, I’m going to spend the rest of the night reading and relaxing. A trip to the kitchen for a snack might also ensue…I still feel a bit hungry! Hiking will do that ya. G’night!

One final Berkshires shot:


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  1. beautiful pics, and you guys look great together!

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