Adventures with the Mini Food Processor

I made something uber-delicious tonight using my noblest of appliances, the trusty mini food processor! Poor little guy sweated quite a bit tonight with all the abuse I put him through, but he survived. A little hot and toasty perhaps, but no worse for the wear.

Before I get to my food processor adventure, I’ll first show you my dinner eats. They weren’t terribly exciting since I didn’t feel like cooking tonight. I came home from work tired and with a slight headache, so I just wanted something fast and easy.

I starting by thawing one of my frozen Ezekiel english muffins.

I added a piece of provolone cheese (which I broke apart into more manageable pieces beforehand) to both sides of the english muffin.

I then added an Amy’s California vegetable burger that I had heated up in the microwave, and topped it with some TJ’s organic ketchup, one of my favorite condiments!

I was feeling the need for some melted cheese action, so I put this bad boy on the George Foreman for four minutes or so. I ended up with melty, grilled deliciousness:

Looks almost like a real cheeseburger, doesn’t it?

I also had a nice load of roasted frozen green beans on the side. Surprisingly, roasted frozen green beans don’t taste half-bad. In fact, I think the frozen green beans taste better when you thaw them by roasting then by any other method. By roasting, you avoid the soggy, mushy effect that so many frozen vegetables fall prey to when you steam or saute them.

Easy, healthy dinner accomplished!

Now, onto more exciting things….

That, my friends, is my homemade Honey Cashew-Coconut Butter! I was feeling frisky when I busted out the mini food processor after dinner….so I decided not just to make a mere nut butter. No, that would be too obvious. I decided to combine cashews and coconuts to create a hybrid of epic proportions!

With my mini food processor prepped and ready for business, I added the following ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup roasted unsalted cashews
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1.5 t honey
  • pinch salt (to bring out the sweetness of the honey)

My mini doesn’t exactly have an “on” switch, so I can’t really tell you how long it would take to make this in a normal processor. I just held the “Hi” switch for a while, and made sure that the lid didn’t fly off while the nuts were processing. I would suggest you use my recipe as a starting point, and let your heart guide you as far as processing length goes!

I processed until the contents became smooth and creamy. This took a few minutes. At this point, my mini was getting all hot and bothered (literally). I turned him off for a while to cool down while I prepped for another batch of honey cashew-coconut butter. On this batch, I accidentally grabbed my pepper shaker instead of my salt shaker, and started grinding in fresh pepper into my coco-nutty butter! Oooops. In the end, you couldn’t really taste the pepper in the second batch, but I don’t recommend adding it for any future attempts. 🙂

The end result was something subtle but oh-so satisfying. Light but indulgent. Made by humans but fit for the gods. Something that would go fabulously in my morning bowl of oats. This butter has a predominantly nutty taste, but with undertones of sweet coconut. How could you go wrong, I ask?

I made three separate batches altogether (and almost overheated my mini in the process…).Honestly though, if you like nut butters and you like coconut, you will love this combination. It’s really delicious. I had several spoonfuls as my dessert!

If you use a real food processor, I would just up the amounts of ingredients used, but keep the proportions similar. Perhaps using 1 cup cashews, 1 cup coconut flakes and 1T honey? I also imagine that a real food processor could make the resulting concoction smoother than my mini could manage. My variation has a pleasant if slightly crunchy texture.

See? We definitely have some texture going on in this stuff. Yummy yummy!

Thanks mini food processor!

I’m going to go do some errands now…sigh…hopefully, I’ll get around to cleaning my room (which never happens! lol) and doing some reading. Night bloggies!


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