There’s A Fiesta In My Flapjack!


I was a starvin’ marvin once I got home from work, so I wanted to throw something together that wouldn’t take too long. I was in the mood for something zesty….something Mexican-y….something flapjack-y?

I have seen savory flapjacks featured on several blogs including Caitlin’s and Kath’s, but I had been a little bit weirded out about committing to making these savory pancakes. What if they turned out terrible? What if they called me names and made me cry? What if they made me wish I had never even opened up the box?

None of these fears turned out to be true. Savory flapjacks are a DELIGHT. Oh goodness, I will certainly be making these again in the future. They are easy, healthy, tasty, awe-inspiring. They come together so fast and make for a dinner that just feels really filling in your tummy. But not in that “Oh no, I ate too many chips and guac at the mexican restaurant and feel like I want to die” kind of way….more like in the “This is nourishing and filling my body with good things” kind of way.

So now, I shall give to you my recipe for savory flapjacks: Feisty Fiery Flapjacks!

I started with a serving of Kodiak Cakes pancake mix (1/3 cup portion) and added 1/3 cup water to start. After stirring, I added 1/2 t extra hot chili powder (I like it hot, hot, hot!), 1/2 t cumin1/4 t coriander, 1/4 cup black beans, and 2 T of shredded cheese.

I chose this brand.

FIESTA cheese!!! YES!!!

Moving on, I mixed all those ingredients together and poured my savory batter onto the griddle.

Meanwhile, I got my veggies prepped and ready, and added them to a hot skillet sprayed with cooking spray.

For my feisty fiery flapjack toppings, I chose 1/4 cup corn, another 1/4 cup blackbeans, grape tomats, and chopped bell pepper. While cooking, I sprinkled some cumin on top for seasoning.

After I flipped my flapjack, it looked like a chocolate chip pancake!

Not so much though….

Once cooked on both sides, I served my flapjack atop a bed of romaine lettuce. I then added my sauteed toppings from above, 1/4 diced avocado, and a plop of Greek yogurt. It looked so festive and colorful!

A food photo shoot ensued.

Work it, flapjack. Work it.

I had taken a few bites before I realized that I forgot to add a plop of salsa on top. HELLO! Where was my head? This was remedied very quickly.

That’s better.

I enjoyed every bite of this meal. Seriously. It was full of so much flavor. Next time, I might skip the cheese in the pancake batter though…I could hardly taste it against the backdrop of all the other amazing flavors.

This meal made me so happy that I decided to do a fiery flamenco dance in appreciation of it.

First try at flamenco hands.

Fail. I look like I’m trying to pick some grapes off of a tree or something. Where is the FIRE?

Try 2.


Getting better…but not quite there. I have no Latin rhythm in me whatsoever. Harnessing my inner Spanish flamenco dancer will just have to be one of those lifelong goals I work towards. Perhaps it will come with time.

Who knew feisty fiery flapjacks could inspire such silliness? They just have to be good! Take my word for it.

Dessert might ensue later…or not. I haven’t decided. Rest assured it will involve a nut butter if it does go down. And an apple. Then again, I’m feeling so satisfied from my flapjack fiesta that I might just nix dessert altogether. Decisions, decisions…

If I do indulge, you will see a photograph of it in the morning. I’m sure you will all wait with baited breath on my decision.

Night kids!

QUESTION: What is your favorite Mexican dish???

I have a serious thing for enchiladas!


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