Mt. Salad

Evenin’ all!

Today was a fine, albeit HOT, friday here in Connecticut. As I type this right now, I’m sweating like a snowcone in Phoenix (to steal a line from Mrs. Doubtfire). I think I’m going to invest in an air conditioning unit for my room within the next few weeks. Otherwise, I might not survive June and July in humid Hartford.

Anyway, I’m going to backtrack a bit here to show what went on throughout my day. I started things off with an AmeriCorps meeting during which we visited an art exhibit that displayed works by currently and previously incarcerated prisoners. It was quite interesting. Here are (poorly lit) photos of some of the works we saw:

Some of the pieces were very good (amazing even) while some were more mediocre. What I found most striking about the exhibit were the comments that accompanied some of the works. Many of them gave me chills, such as this one.

And the accompanying piece:

Others gave me hope that art might inspire these individuals to lead better lives.

It’s nice to know that prisoners can have this outlet to channel their feelings and emotions (whether they be good or negative) into a tangible product. Offering these broken people the chance to create something with their own hands is something that just makes me sense to me. In doing so, we are granting them a means to focus their energy and possibly achieve a greater degree of emotional and spiritual rehabilitation that traditional methods can provide them. Needless to say, I thought it was a fascinating exhibit, which showed me that all people, whether they be prisoners or not, have the potential to tap into their inner humanity and produce works of art that provoke and inspire.

Lunch today went unphotographed since it was served during the middle of our meeting. My supervisor brought us a bean stew, so I had a small bowl alongside a stick of string cheese.

Snack this afternoon was some Laughing Cow Lite Cheese and crackers….

A carrot managed to sneak in there too!

It was tough to motivate myself to exercise today because of the heat and lingering soreness from yesterday’s workout. Somehow, I talked myself into driving down to the gym (where there is air conditioning and fans galore!) and doing at least 10 minutes of exercise. I figured, if I didn’t feel like continuing after the 10 minutes, then I would let myself leave.

Sure enough, after 10 minutes, I felt fine and ready to take on the rest of my workout.

Today, I did intervals on the dreadmill, alternating between 6.0 and 7.0 for  thirty minutes. My heart rate still didn’t feel as high today during my running intervals as it did during my lunges/squats yesterday. WEIRD. Squats and I just don’t get along, I guess. I then finished things off with15 minutes of half-hearted ellipticalling before calling it a day.

Whenever I skip vegetables for lunch (as I did today), I have massive cravings for them for dinner. I listened to those urges tonight, and created a mountain of salad made of romaine, grilled tofu, grape tomats, cucumbers, bell pepper, avocado, and goat cheese. I topped Mt. Salad with some lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.

My greatest summit yet….

Capped with snow!

For dessert, I tried an experiment with these guys.

What to do with some ripe bananas? That’s right. Make some banana bread!

I was feeling adventurous today, so I attempted to create my own recipe from scratch. I was hoping to make a whole wheat, no sugar-added chia banana bread. Things seemed okay when I pulled it out of the oven….and it smelled darn good!

But, it didn’t turn out to be a winning recipe in the end. My wet-to-dry ingredients ratio was skewed in the favor of the wet ingredients, so my bread collapsed on itself while cooling. It’s also reallllly gummy in the middle. I’ve popped it back into the oven several times to remedy, and it’s not fixing the problem at all. Next time, I will either use less of the wet stuff or more of the dry….

Sigh…banana bread fail. I will work on this recipe though until I get it right! And then I will share it with you all. The idea is good; the execution, not so much.

This doesn’t mean that I still didn’t sneak a piece for dessert alongside some gingerbread walnut butter. Because I totally did.

Who can resist hot banana bread (even if it’s mushy) fresh from the oven? Honestly now….this girl certainly can’t!

Poor little, collapsed bread. 😦

The walnut butter tasted delicious combined with the banana flavor though.

Allrighty, I’m going to watch some tv + read for a bit before hitting the hay. I’m heading up to Portsmouth in the morning to visit the boy…I can’t wait! Stay tuned for exciting shenanigans. Hopefully…g’night!

Question: What’s your favorite type of sweet bread?

It’s a tie for me between banana bread and pumpkin bread. Two classics!


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