Hey guys,
I was going to give you some recipes of a LOST-themed dinner I made tonight, but that’s going to have to wait till I feel better. Right after I ate dinner, I started feeling weird and achey…I checked my temperature on a lark, and it was 100.5 A few hours later, when I last checked it, it was almost 103 (102.9).

Needless to say, I feel like poo. This is the highest fever I’ve had in my life. I’m going to take some IBUprofen and see how that affects it. Hopefully, that brings it down and lets me get some sleep.

Updates will return if I’m feeling better tomorrow. Night! Hope people enjoyed the LOST series finale!


2 responses to “Sick

  1. yikes, that’s a super high temp. feel much better!

  2. yikes, hope you are feeling better soon! rest up!

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