Eating My Way To Recovery

Hello all…

Pete and I arrived in Baltimore just fine yesterday after a quick hour-long flight from Hartford. Just in time to enjoy a beautiful view of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor from our 25th floor hotel room!

I love that we can see the water from here. It just adds a nice, serene touch to the environs.

I’m going to backtrack a bit and show you yesterday’s eats before we arrived in Baltimore.

After enjoying a night of quality sleep thanks to my newly air-conditioned room (!!!!), I whipped us up a couple batches of whipped banana oats. It was cool enough in Hartford yesterday that I could actually handle the notion of eating hot oats for breakfast. I found out while reading the paper that Hartford tied for hottest place in the country on Wednesday with some random place in the Arizona desert. It got up to 99! Really now, Hartford? You have to become the hottest place in the country during my first fever in several years? Really?

I digress. My anger at Hartford will have to take a backseat for the moment. Back to task.  Here’s a picture of my oatmeal. I know you’ve been dying to see it.

In this bowl of PB&J oats:

  • 1/3 cup Quick oats
  • 1/3 cup light coconut milk, 2/3 cup water
  • 1T flax
  • 1/2 whipped nanner
  • 1T Crofter’s American
  • 1T homemade raw peanut butter
  • Vanilla-Almond Bear Fit Granola

I haven’t had time to restock my PB supply, so I decided to make some from a sack of random raw peanuts I had stored in the depths of my pantry. The peanuts became smooth and creamy PB in about 5 minutes flat, by far the quickest nut to nut butter transformation I’ve witnessed in my mini food processor thus far. I think that I will roast my peanuts before making homemade peanut butter next time. The raw taste was kinda..meh…but I loved the color (as though that somehow makes it better? lol).

After bumming around the house and packing for the trip, Pete and I ventured to Whole Foods (i.e. the Promised Land) for a salad bar trip. I recently introduced Pete to the Whole Foods salad bar, and while skeptical at first, he now loves it. And trust me, I’m not complaining. Here were my selections:

I had a sampling of a whole bunch of salads including a fennel salad, caprese grape tomato salad, mandarin citrus snap pea salad, marinated artichoke and mushrooms salad, Israeli couscous w/ nuts and berries, some sort of multi-bean salad, and a quinoa cake! My favs were the quinoa cake and the fennel salad.

I also tried this new flavor of coconut water for hydration purposes.

But I hated it! I don’t think I’m used to the taste of Acai? I can’t really place my finger on what particular element I didn’t care for in it…it just didn’t float my boat.

My tummy started grumbling later at the airport (I don’t think I had enough protein with my lunch selections), so I grabbed this as a desperation snack. Usually, I’m good about remembering to pack airport snacks, but it managed to slip my mind yesterday!

The bar claimed that it was “natural” on the label, but based on the ingredient list, I highly doubt that. The taste was chemically but decent. But with 12g of protein, it gave me the boost I needed to make it through the plane ride. Can’t complain too much about that, I guess.

After checking into the hotel, we wandered around the Inner Harbor area for a while (which was surprisingly nice!). I guess my expectations for Baltimore were pretty low given the number of people who have told me that it’s a terrible city. I imagine that many parts of it are terrible (the people who complained about it worked in very poor areas), but the downtown area is nice! The same can’t be said for poor Hartford. 😦

As soon as Pete and I spotted a sushi restaurant, we decided to go there. Check out the beauty of the plate.

Sushi is a culinary work of art.

We split four rolls between the two of us including an Equator Roll (crab tempura center topped with seared tuna filet), a Dynamite Roll (I think it had salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, and orange tobiko?), an Imperial Roll (shrimp with baked scallops and spicy mayo), and a Picasso roll (tuna center with multiple types of tobiko on the outside).

My favorite was the Picasso roll not only for its beauty, but for the intriguing taste of sesame oil in the roll. It added a nice depth to the tuna taste. It was all delicious though…not a single roll was left on the plate at the end. I can really do a number on sushi!

At this point, you probably think I would have called it quits. But no. Oh no. The dessert stomach knows no limits, and Pete is a dessert lover of the highest order. He had absolutely no trouble convincing me to try….wait for it….tempura ice cream.

Yes indeedy. Tempura ice cream. Definitely not my usual choice in dessert (I don’t normally like fried foods very much), but I decided to try it out. I’m on a mini-vacation and am on the mend from a random illness. I deserve it, damnit! Or that’s how I tried to justify it in my head when I saw this artery-clogging monstrosity headed toward our table.


Nothing like some grease and ice cream to help your recover from an illness. Or not…okay, maybe not the healthiest choice, but I did enjoy the ice cream part of this, which was very thick and decadent. I tried several bites of the fried tempura batter coating the ice cream, but I didn’t enjoy it too much. I let Pete have the fried coating while I worked on the ice cream (funny how that happens). We definitely finished the whole thing without any real problems or worries about exceeding maximum stomach capacity. Like I said, the dessert stomach knows no limits.

Hope all of you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend!

Question: What are you Memorial Day weekend plans? Anyone traveling anywhere? Or are you just hanging out and relaxing at home?

Both options are a beautiful thing. 🙂


2 responses to “Eating My Way To Recovery

  1. Welcome to Maryland, I live out in the county (Baltimore county to be specific.)

    Yes, there are many parts of Baltimore that aren’t the greatest. You definitely picked a nice area though. I’m also fond of Mount Vernon, the architecture is beautiful and I really enjoy the vibe. I lived in that area for about seven years. It’s about five to ten minutes away from the Inner Harbor. There are lots of outdoor cafes in the area.

    Occasionally I’ll venture into the city. I lived in Mount Vernon in my early 20’s, seven years late I moved back into the county.

    This holiday I’m not doing too much. I’m taking my daughter to the Joppatowne carnival. She’s really excited about that, and I imagine I’ll be doing some gardening too.

  2. Thanks for the welcome to MD! I really wish we could have spent more time in Baltimore than two days. It seems like there’s a lot of interesting museums and historical stuff to check out. Hope you had a great weekend with your daughter!

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