The Post-Vacation Meal

For our last day of mini-vacation yesterday, Pete and I spent most of the morning sleeping. I find this amusing because I’m normally that person who’s up at the crack of dawn, ready with my guidebook and a camera to take on all the sites a city has to offer. I’m the ultra-tourist! Sometimes however, rest (something I never seem to indulge in as often as I should) is the most important component of a vacation, and I think both Pete and I definitely needed some quality sleep over the weekend. By the time we woke up and checked out of the hotel, it was brunchtime! My favorite time, of course.

We checked out a nearby ultra-modern teahouse to fulfill our Sunday brunch needs.

Since we were in Baltimore, I figured that I should take advantage of the region’s famous crab offerings, so I selected a crab, egg, and chipotle aioli sandwich on multigrain toast with a side of fruit.

It was amazing. The combination of the crab meat with the smoky aioli sauce was just heavenly, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

After a quick flight back to Hartford, I said my goodbye to Pete and puttered around my apartment while finishing up some chores. By the time dinner rolled around, I knew that I needed to get veggies back in my life ASAP. I don’t think I came across a vegetable on my plate the entire time I was in Baltimore! Gasp! Thus, the vegetables were calling (no, screaming) my name.

I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry come dinner time though, so I figured a salad would be a good idea. Even though the only thing I had eaten that day was my egg sandwich, I knew that I didn’t need a huge dinner just because I had eaten so much over the past few days. My relative lack of hunger was my body’s natural response to the influx of food I enjoyed over the weekend. Having a light dinner was thus an instinctive choice!

I loaded up on the veggies and enjoyed a side of Greek yogurt + pom seeds + cinnamon.

My salad consisted of:

  • spinach
  • raw broccoli
  • mini sweet peppers
  • cucumbers
  • a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil

It was just what I was craving. The Greek yogurt was also quite tasty. Then again, when do I not enjoy Greek yogurt?

A perfect post-vacation meal.

Hope you all are enjoying your Mondays off! I’m actually at work today (and so is Pete…sigh…). We just have the best luck!

I think I’ll post again later today just so I can get fully back on track with the blogging posts. I like writing about what I eat the same day that I eat it…it’s fresher in my mind that way!

Question: What’s your favorite post-vacation or post-imdulgence meal? What types of foods make you feel good and energized while also putting you in the right frame of mind for getting back on track with your usual habits?

I love salads (obviously) or green monsters. I always feel a thousand times healthier afterward.


2 responses to “The Post-Vacation Meal

  1. thehungryscholar

    Love your blog, first off.

    I always stock up on veggies after the vacation, and I make sure to get back to oatmeal for breakfast. I find that I eat the worse at brunch on vacations, BUT I love breakfast food :).

    • Thanks so much! 🙂

      I’m the same way about breakfast foods. It’s definitely my favorite meal of the day. I could eat breakfast foods for practically every meal, so I can do some serious damage at any vacation brunch (and especially buffets)! Oatmeal for b-fast is a nice way to get back on track. It’s what I had for breakfast today actually!

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