Happy Humpday!

It doesn’t really feel like Wednesday, does it? Even though I had to work on Monday, it still feels like a Tuesday. Go figure…I don’t understand why my brain works this way sometimes.

Today was an interesting day at work. As I breezed into the building, I was slammed in the face with the smell of feces. Sadly, this is a fairly regular occurence where I work, but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant when I stumble into that kind of odor upon entering the building. Ewww….

Fast forward a little while later, and the question “Is that stain on the floor blood, or is it feces?” arose in conversation with some other staff members. These are the things we tend to discuss at work. Feces is a hot topic. So is blood. And vomit. All sorts of bodily fluids, really.

I apologize, dear readers, if I’ve grossed you out with this little introduction to my post. It is not intended to disturb you, but to amuse you. I often laugh at the things we discuss at work because if I didn’t, it might make me cry. I’m hoping that my yearlong introduction to rampant and uncontrolled bodily fluids here at my AmeriCorps site will make me accustomed to such things when I encounter them in med school. Or something to that effect. At the very least, it’s introduced me to the less glamorous side of medicine, and for that, I’m thankful. Taking care of chronically-ill people sure ain’t ER or Grey’s Anatomy, people. Sometimes, it’s just plain gross.

Anyway, because work was full of noxious smells today, I took solace in my coworkers and my food selections, both of which never fail to perk me up.

I started the day off with a light and cool SIAB plus some cwah-fee (said in NYC accent, of course).

To make this green puppy, I blended 1/2 nanner, scoop Vega Vanilla Chai, 1T wheat germ, three large hanfuls spinach, 1/2t xantham gum, 1T raw PB, and a whole boatload of ice. For some reason, my smoothie didn’t thicken up like it normally does, but I dealt with it. Sometimes, you can’t predict smoothie behavior. They can be wild and unruly like that.

I also added 1/4 cup Bear Fit Naked Granola to the bowl after blending was completed.

Kind of looks like the a witch’s cauldron with all those bubbles rising to the surface, doesn’t it?

Double, double toil and trouble!

But regardless of its looks, it tasted yummy, and it energized me for my workout later that morning! Greens really are the best fuel nature has to offer.

At the gym, I did a tough, sweaty workout on the elliptical and treadmil:

  • 35 min elliptical, alternated between level 5 and 15 for one min each
  • 10 min treadmill, ran at 6.0mph and alternated incline between 0 and 5.0

I was drenched by the end! Hill intervals are so tough, but they gave my legs a great workout. I left the Y for work, feeling like I could conquer a mountain.

And then, I walked obliviously into the previously-mentioned odor, and that “I could take on the world” feeling flew right out the window. Amazing how a single scent can defeat you like that. Who knew?

I was hungry come lunchtime, so I dug right into the last of my Thai-Inspired Sweet and Spicy Eggplant Stir-fry. I dumped the last of it onto a bed of mixed greens, just for an added nutritional kick.

For some protein, I threw in a 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and a container full of berries for sweetness/antioxidants!


Unfortunately, this lunch didn’t hold me over as long as my usual lunches do. My tummy started to grumble around 3:00! I think it’s because I didn’t have any whole grains in my meal. Or maybe b/c there weren’t any fats to satiate my appetite? No idea.

I know I’m backtracking a bit, but look how nice and neat my lunch looked in my beautiful Fresh N’ Fit container (plus snack container). I heart this tubberware.

This container’s got it going on! Okay. Sorry for the random interruption. I’m like that child trying to show her mommy how cool her new toy is. I’ll try to refrain from these sorts of interruptions in the future. 🙂 I can’t make any firm promises though.

Back to topic. Due to my tummy’s noises, I went ahead and dug into my planned snack for the afternoon:  the last remnants from these cracker boxes that were hiding in my pantry. Whole Foods 365 brand goodness.

While I love crackers, they didn’t hold me over as well as other snacks I’ve made for myself. See yesterday’s snack, for example. My stomach started rumbling around 5:00! Gah! How annoying…I didn’t want to eat at 5:00 though (because I’m trying to prove to people that I’m really not an old lady, and this sort of thing would suggest evidence to the contrary), so I held off eating till about 6:00. Much more age appropriate.

Tonight was our Wednesday Poker Tournament with the residents, so dinner had to be portable again. I wasn’t feeling very inspired, so I threw together a bunch of random things onto one of my Flat-out wraps and called it dinner.

The random wrap:

Featured in said random wrap are:

  • 1/2 small chopped avocado
  • 1/4 chopped tomato
  • 1/2 cup kidney beans
  • hummus
  • sprinkle of oregano

I was planning on putting feta in there as well, but when I opened up the container, I realized something wasn’t quite right with it. Again, a distinctly unpleasant odor slapped me in the face.

What is it with me and the odors today? Goodness.

As you might have been able to guess, my poor feta had gone bad on me. I ran to my (equally) beloved goat cheese container to see if the same thing had happened, and sure enough, it had. As soon as I popped open the container, I spotted blue fluff growing all over the place. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to smell it to realize it had gone bad. My nose has gone through enough torture for one day. Thank you very much.

I was a bit dismayed that I had lost two cheeses in one day (the horror!), but I persevered. I ventured forth with my head held high, and continued with the wrap assembly.

Final product:

Fugly burrito wrapping. Seriously. I don’t know why I can’t do it. I need to hunt down a Chipotle employee, and beg them to teach me proper burrito-wrapping etiquette. My current technique is out-of-control.

Luckily, in spite of its ugly wrapping job, this random combination of foods was excellent. I think I’ll add a page for it in the recipe section. It’s that tasty! Who knew kidney beans and hummus and avocado were just meant to be together? I sure didn’t. While my food experiments sometimes fail, they sometimes produce results such as this, which just inspires me to experiment more in the kitchen. Vive la kitchen experimentation!

After kicking some butt at the poker tournament (I emerged the winner!), I came home slightly hungry. I felt like ice cream, but decided to make up a healthier version of ice cream in the form of “protein ice cream”. I used pretty much the same recipe I followed for my Banana Protein Malt, but instead of adding maca, I added 1/4t mint extract to the mix. It gave a nice, but not overpowering mint flavor.

A word of warning: You do have to be careful when using mint extract. It’s intense stuff, but a 1/4 t added just the right amount of minty goodness to my “ice cream”.

The best part about protein ice cream is that makes a huge amount for only about 150 calories. I enjoyed about 2/3 of my ice cream before I literally could not eat it anymore. Sometimes, volume eating is just what a girl needs.

Question: What are some of your favorite scents? With all this talk of unpleasant odors, let’s bring back memories of our favorites.

I adore the smell of anything baking in the heaven, the scent of rain, the smell of evergreens, the smell of BBQ. The list could go on and on….what’s on your list?


3 responses to “Odorific

  1. I love the smell of the rain after a long drought, the smell of lilies, and sometimes the smell of a guy 😉 haha
    I love my tupperware too! Where did you get yours?

    • Oooh! I like your favorite scents! 🙂

      I got my amazing tupperware at Target! It’s from the Fresh N’ Fit line, and I highly recommend it. It allows me to consolidate tons of my containers into a nice, little package.

  2. That tupperware thing looks AMAZING. I must find one. And I coveted that wrap before I even thought about cheese. But, dang, add some vermont sharp cheddar and give me 5!

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