Why Can’t Every Meal Be Breakfast?

Today was a rather typical day in the life of Lindsay.

Breakfast was a highlight (as it always is).

Then came workout.

Followed by work.

Lunch was consumed.

Took residents to a movie (not so typical actually).

Home again, home again for a quick dinner.

Spanish lesson.



Evening procrastination.

That is my life schedule in a nutshell (minus the Spanish lesson…I only have that on Thursdays).

Let’s start with the highlight: breakfast. Breakfast is far and away the tastiest and most photogenic meal of my day. Guaranteed. It’s a thing of beauty.

Today, I felt like Kodiak Cakes.

I made a 1/3 cup portion and poured the batter into four mini pancakes. This was done to optimize their cuteness, of course. Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that pancakes can be cute! Because they definitely can…if you just redefine what your idea of “cute” is. Anything little and/or miniature becomes “cute” in my book. Hence, I had some cute flapjacks on hand.

I topped these little cuties with a sliced nanner, 2t cacao nibs, 1t flaxseed, and a nut butter sauce made using 2T Cocoa Mole Almond Butter (which I grow more fond of every time I try it!) and 2T TJ’s whole grain drink. To make said sauce, I nuked the AB and milk in the microwave for 30 sec and then stirred till combined.

Making the AB sauce like this really bulks up the nut butter, so it can be spread more easily over the pancakes. I’ve also seen bloggers (like Ashley) use it as an oatmeal topper! Either way you use it, it fluffs up nut butters quite nicely.

Why is breakfast so pretty? And delicious? And awesome? Why aren’t all meals breakfast?

I could eat this everyday. I realize I say that about all my breakfasts, but it’s true. I love them all equally. They’re like my (nonexistent) children. Each one has a special spot in my heart.


I was running late to the gym, so my workout had to be cut short. I tried to make the most of my time while I was there, but I just wasn’t feeling very inspired today.

I focused on legs + abs. Think lots of crunches, calf raises, hamstring curls, bridges…things of that nature. I didn’t feel motivated to push myself during those sets unfortunately. It was all done very half-heartedly. I tried to keep the heart rate up between exercises with some jump-roping, but that was not performed enthusiastically either.

With my strength session floundering, I figured that I should just do what I felt like doing there…which was to hop on an elliptical and read a magazine for 30 min.

So I did just that. And I enjoyed it.

I know I wrote a post once about how reading a magazine at the gym is lame, and I still think it is. But sometimes, you just gotta go with what your heart wants, and my heart wanted trashy celeb gossip.


Lunch was a wrap + salad combo.


Provolone, Crofter’s, and basil on a Flat-out wrap.

My best roll-up job in weeks:

While I had high hopes for this wrap combo, it was just okay. I think the issue was the provolone. It just couldn’t compete with the strong flavors of the basil and Crofter’s, so it just kinda got lost in there. A stronger-flavored cheese like Brie would have worked better. It might have tasted better if the provolone had been melted beforehand, but I didn’t have access to a toaster at work. Oh well…you win some, you lose some.

Salad on the side.

Made of spring mix leafy greens, bell pepper, carrots, grape tomats, and a blob of hummus. I paired it with a Whole Foods Garlic Herb dressing.

I love my colorful salads.


During the movie (IronMan 2…thought it was lame, but I’m not really a fan of comic book movies), I snacked on Greek yogurt + raspberries.

I’m definitely the only person who eats this sort of thing at the movies. Lol.


My stomach was growling by the time I got home from work, so I wanted to whip up something fast.

I decided to go with Kath’s pantry-friendly Dinner-In-A-Flash Salmon Pasta recipe. I’ve made this before, and it’s a great recipe if you want something that’s both healthy and easy to prepare using readily available pantry/freezer staples.

I followed her recipe exactly, except I used sardines in place of salmon.

Sardines look terrifying when you open up the can.

But don’t be afraid because they taste amazing! Very much like tuna actually. Just close your eyes when you chop them if you’re squeamish about their less-than-glamorous looks. Focus on all the health benefits you’ll receive from them!

Ready in a flash (just like Kath promised) for hungry girl consumption!

Fast and easy assembly + quality nutritional stats+ great taste=love.


Once I got back from Spanish, I couldn’t decide if I wanted some chocolate or some berries for dessert. But then I thought to myself, why not combine the two to make chocolate-covered strawberries?

Ding, ding! We’ve got ourselves a winner here.

To start, I assembled my ingredients.

One Adora dark chocolate calcium chew (only 35 calories and it tastes great!), coconut oil, and strawberries of course.

I combined 1t coconut oil into a small bowl with the dark chocolate disk. I then nuked it at level 3 for about two minutes until the chocolate was nice and melty. I stirred until the chocolate and coconut oil combined, and then dipped my berries into the chocolate mix.

Before they went into the fridge:


The combination of the chocolate + coconut flavor went really with the strawberries.

They were delicious! For only 100 calories or so, this was a great, surprisingly decadent-tasting dessert that satisfied my chocolate cravings while keeping Operation Defluff alive and well! I’ll be making this again in the future.

And with that, I’m peacing out for some reading time.

It’s almost FRIIIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to “Why Can’t Every Meal Be Breakfast?

  1. i think that wrap with crofters and basil looks SO good! next time try FRESH mozzarella!! it has a more subtle flavor but still rich and buttery that pairs so well with basil and that jam will just knock it off the charts!!

    chocolate covered strawbs!! love them! I tend to go crazy when i start making chocolate dipped things, and start dipping everything I see in my cuppord!! (pretzels, dried fruit) you name it I end up with a whole plate of chocolate dipped goodness!!!

    • Mozz is such a great idea! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. The perfect cheese to pair with basil and Crofter’s!

      I’m definitely going to have to pick some up next I hit up TJ’s.

      If I had had any pretzels on hand, they would have been dipped in the chocolate too. Chocolate-covered pretzels one of my fav treats!

  2. so trying the nut butter sauce as soon as i get more eggwhites in my house for oatmeal pancakes!

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