Eating Out On The Town

A quick recap of my Sunday for you all:

I slept in quite late…again. I don’t know what is going on with me on the weekends. Perhaps I need to start going to bed earlier during the work week so I don’t feel the need to “catch up” on my sleep so much during the weekend?

Regardless, neither Pete nor I dragged ourselves out of bed till it was far past breakfast. In fact, it was almost lunch, but since I could eat breakfast for every meal (as I’ve mentioned on previous posts), I requested that we grab some breakfasty-type foods somewhere in P-mouth (as I’m now going to call Portsmouth).

We hopped on over to Popovers, one of our favorite local joints. It’s fast and delicious, and most importantly, there is rarely a line for service (unlike some other brunch places in the very popular P-mouth downtown area).

To me, the weekend brunch always represents a call for egg consumption. So consume eggs, I did.

I ordered a breakfast wrap. It contained scrambled eggs, melted provolone, pesto, tomatoes, onions, bacon, and various herbs. A sundried tomato tortilla provided the outer shell which kept it all together!

I ate about 3/4 of the egg filling, and only about 1/3 of the tortilla. Whenever I order a wrap from a restaurant, I always pick away the parts of the wrap that I feel aren’t essential to the wrap staying closed. I hate it when I bite into a wrap, and all I taste is the tortilla. I like to make sure the filling is the highlight, so I remove all supplementary, unessential wrap bits. 🙂 It’s amazing how much extra tortilla you can remove that way. This little tactic helps me to avoid unecessary, empty calories.

I enjoyed the breakfast wrap although the pesto made it waaaay too oily for my taste. I didn’t eat any of the tortilla on the second wrap half because it was covered in oil. Thanks, but no thanks. The egg filling was delicious though!

I took a picture of Pete’s breakfast because I just loved the plating. He ordered a breakfast pizzette, which was basically a breakfast pizza topped with eggs, pesto, cheese, and sausage. Much like mine, but without the wrap.

Overall, Pete’s choice was better. The dough base here was very tasty and not nearly as oily as my wrap. Go figure because they both had pesto on them!

The rest of the day we spent at Barnes and Noble, doing  work on school-related tasks. I worked on my med school applications while Pete studied for the GRE he plans on taking in a couple months.

After using our brains for a few hours, we wanted to give them a break with a stupid movie. We went and saw Get Him to the Greek, per Pete’s request. Pete has a “man crush” (for lack of a better word) on Russell Brand, and hoped that the movie would deliver some big laughs. Unfortunately, neither of us liked the movie. It wasn’t nearly as funny as we hoped it would be, and it was often just plain awkward at parts. I wouldn’t recommend it. During the movie, I munched on Pete’s unbuttered popcorn and had a few sips of his root beer. And by munched on the popcorn, I mean that I ate about half of it. Quite greedily, I might add.

 I am such a popcorn monster! I can’t control myself from digging my hands into it if it’s nearby. At least it was unbuttered?

Sure. We’ll go with that…

After the movie, it about time for dinner….so we went to the nearby Portsmouth Brewery for some quick grub and a brew (for Pete at least…I had to drive back to Hartford afterward).

Pete took it upon himself to order some insanely delicious and addictive appetizer that I probably wouldn’t have ordered otherwise. Boys can be such bad influences sometimes!

This lovely cheesy, bean and salsa dip arrived at our table…and I pounced on it.

It doesn’t look like much in this pic, but it was, in fact, amazing. I avoided the sour cream, but I definitely ate my fair share of chips + dip + cheese. Sooooo gooood.

For my meal, I ordered the Garden Vegetable Sandwich. It sounded delicious on the menu: a combination of honey mustard, goat cheese, sliced egg, zucchini, grilled portabellas, carmelized onions, and alfalfa sprouts on an herb bun.

It was supposed to come with an order of fries on the side, but I asked if they could sub the fries for the vegetable of the day. Luckily, the waitress said they could easily make that accomodation for me, so I made off with some delicious, steamed broccoli instead of greasy fries. I needed some nutrients in my life after getting my greasy groove on earlier this morning with the oily pesto.

I ate all the broccoli, a pickle (I love pickles!), and about half of the sandwich open-faced. Again, I like to avoid bread overload, especially if it’s white bread. I’ll only eat both slices of bread on a sandwich if it’s whole wheat and amazing-looking. Otherwise, fuhgeddaboutit.

I couldn’t manage any bites of the other sandwich half because I had filled myself up with the bean dip appetizer.

 The sandwich was delicious though. Honestly, how can you go wrong with goat cheese + grilled veggies? You can’t.

I donated my leftovers to the “Hungry Boyfriend” cause, so hopefully, Pete will be able to enjoy this yummy sandwich in the day or so.

That ended the eats for Sunday. I was happy that I stopped eating the sandwich once I started to feel full. I have a bad tendency to continue eating something regardless of whether or not I’m full if it tastes great (which this sandwich did!). I overcame that bad habit last night, and was proud of myself. I left the restaurant full, but not stuffed by any means.

Score for listening to my body!

I said goodbye to the boy after this, and made the drive back to Hartford. I’ll be back tonight with another post to catch up on today’s eats!

Hope you guys are enjoying your Monday!


One response to “Eating Out On The Town

  1. Those breakfast/brunch photos are so gorgeous! I love brunch so much – especially when it’s colorful and beautiful like that. Sorry about the oily pesto, though – that’s a disappointment.

    Have a lovely Monday. 🙂

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