I Dream Of Yoga

Day 2 of the Insomniac Lindsay Syndrome resulted in my decision to skip the gym…again. I didn’t feel like battling rush hour traffic to get to the gym, and I felt slow and lethargic due to my sleep deprivation.

I dreamed of yoga instead.

Or I would have if I had been able to dream last night. This yoga vision was more along the lines of a daytime hallucination.


I’m not a hardcore yogi by any means, but I certainly appreciate what yoga does for my body. I always feel looser and stronger by practice’s end. Yet for some reason unbeknownst to me, I can never seem to get a consistent practice going. I tend to go through yoga phases where I’ll practice it everyday for two weeks and then forget about it for the next month.

I’m in one of my yoga lulls at the moment, so what better way to reintroduce yoga into my life than with a 75-minute Dave Farmar podcast?


I don’t know what I was thinking with this decision. 75 minutes of a Dave Farmar podcast is like doing 75 minutes of tricep pushups. The man cannot get enough of the chaturanga flow sequence…it was endless! Just when I thought we were finished with our utkatasanas and our damn warriors, he would throw in another chaturanga flow. It was a vicious cycle of constant muscle fatigue. My triceps were screaming to me after only 20 minutes. My core felt trembly doing the updog to downdog transition for the umpteenth time. It wasn’t pretty.

After surviving about 40 minutes of tricep torture, I had to turn Dave off. There was no way I could handle another 45 minutes of Dave’s jokes and chaturangas. Shut up, Dave. It’s easy to laugh when you’re not the one doing the chaturangas.

Perhaps a shorter yoga session would have been smarter? Everyone agree?

I think Dave’s classes are something I need to build up to…or attempt on more than 4 hrs of sleep. One or the other.

While yoga perfection was not in the cards for me tonight, yummy eggs certainly were.

I have to put together a quick dinner on Thursdays in order to make it to my Spanish lesson on time. Eggs offer up the perfect solution to this time constraint dilemma, so Thursdays have become my unofficial “Egg Night” as of late.

I made a “Caprese Omelet” with 2 eggs, sliced grape tomatoes, chopped basil, ground pepper, and fresh mozzarella. It was delightful, as any combination of cheese + egg normally is.

On the side, I had a piece of millet bread with some tomato paste spread on top. It looked absolutely hideous, so I didn’t take any direct pictures of it. You might be able to spot it in the background of this upcoming picture, but I suggest you instead focus your attention on the omelet. It’s significantly more appealing.

After my omelet dinner, it was obvious to me that I needed more dairy for dessert. I mean, I had just consumed my most dairy-tastic dinner in weeks. The only thing that could make the meal more balanced was some more dairy.


I busted out the TJ’s tart fro yo, and enjoyed a serving with some raw chocolate sauce (1.5t hazelnut agave + 1/2t cocoa powder) drizzled on top. Like an ice cream sundae, but way healthier.

It stood absolutely no chance.


Must get to bed before Dave starts forcing me to do more chaturangas.

Wait, what?

My mind is not operating like it usually does.

Anyway, I’m hoping that I shall return to you a little less loopy in the morning.

Question: What’s your favorite yoga pose?

I’m all about pigeon and tree. Pigeon because it opens up my tight hips like no other pose can, and tree because it makes me feel centered and strong!


4 responses to “I Dream Of Yoga

  1. That’s definitely on the longer side of a sesh! I think it all depends on the type, though. I, for one, have the attention span of an ADD kindergartener on pixie stix, so anything very slow paced for that long would just not work out well. I may be okay with something more challenging for that long, though, provided there are some nice, easier rest-style poses.

    I love the Wheel. I’ve jacked up my back so much in the past several years and that always seems to help fix it – at least temporarily.

  2. omg you make AMAZING OMELETS!!! ❤ wow girl!! yum ❤

    • Thanks so much! In college, I made an omelet for brunch every sunday at my school’s “omelet station” for four years, so I like to think that I’ve become an “Omelet Master” of sorts because of it. 🙂

  3. The caprese omelet is genius. Mozzerella and tomatoes are the best combo.

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