Random Tapas

Hello friends,

I apologize for my tardiness in posting last night! My roommate and I were invited over to our Spanish’s teachers house for a Peruvian dinner….while the food was decent, my stomach had a hard time digesting the meat she served us, so without going into too much detail, let’s just say that my digestive system was not a happy camper late last night.

Ughhhh……let’s go back to happier times, shall we? Flashback to the morning now.

To start the disgustingly hot and humid day yesterday, I got up at the hour of 6:30 with all the best intentions. I was going to run before breakfast, and it was going to be great. Yeah!

Instead, I groggily rolled out of bed, and went straight to the kitchen for breakfast.

Shoot. Foiled again.

I really need to get better at this early morning thing. I think the biggest issue is my bed time…I’m going to work on this over the upcoming weeks.

Here’s the breakfast that took priority over my running:

A yogurt and cereal mess featuring:

  • 1 cup Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal
  • heaping 1/2 cup 0% Greek Yogurt
  • blueberries
  • PB sauce (1T PB + 1T soy milk, nuked 15 sec, and stirred)

Simple, cool, and tasty. I love the crunch of cereal. It’s a nice change-up from the soft, mush-like texture of my beloved oatmeal.

I daresay this breakfast was worth skipping a run for? Maybe?

The run did happen, just so you know. I’m not SO lazy that I would skip it altogether….I just did it on the dreadmill instead. It was just waaaaaay too muggy and uncomfortable outside to dream of an outdoor run beyond 7:00AM. Thus, I pounded out (yet another) 3 miler in 29:35. It was fantastically boring, as most treadmills runs seem to be…but I got ‘er done! Next week, Hal finally changes up the 3-miler schedule with a 4-miler on Wednesday.

Whoa there, Hal! You’re a wild man.

To be honest, I’m getting sick of the 3 milers anyway, so bring on that extra mile! Do your worst.

For lunch, I was getting desperate to pull-together some sort of a meal, so I decided to make a tapas-style assortment of goods! That’s how I justify the total lack of theme and coherence to this meal.

I started off with a box of sliced carrots, cucumbers, and kalamata olives. If I had had any hummus on-hand, that would have been included. But alas. I ate out the hummus supplies.

The weird seran-wrap yellow thing you see is a hunk of quinoa cornbread that I had thrown into the freezer back in February. Yesterday seemed like an appropriate time to thaw it out. Desperate times call for desperate freezer measures.

For some protein action, I enjoy some 4% cottage cheese with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

For some fruity goodness, I had some ‘loupe chunks.

If you were crazy enough to combine all these random things and call it a meal, it would look a little something like this:

I covered all my nutritional bases, right?

Protein…check. Healthy carbs…check. Veggies….check. Fruit…check. Healthy fat….check.

Not too terrible for a random meal.

I ate too many refined carbs yesterday at our Peruvian dinner, so I’m not feeling 100% this morning. I hate overdoing it, especially on stuff I don’t normally enjoy…like white rice! I’m hoping my stomach gets back on track soon. In the meantime, I have to head off to an AmeriCorps meeting….

Happy Friday!

Question: If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?


3 responses to “Random Tapas

  1. I love random meals like that. Sometimes they’re better because there’s not a ton of planning and overworking going into it…

    I’d go to Italy in a heartbeat! I’m dying to see it.

  2. I find that if I drink some water (a glass or two, or more), and eat some dates or half a banana, I’m good for an early morning run. It seems to be just enough energy without getting full, and since fruit digests quickly, it works well. Then I eat breakfast when I get back.

    There are so many places I’d love to go! I was supposed to travel to Morroco in April, but couldn’t due to the volcanic ash in Iceland (Still got to go to other countries, so all was well). So Morroco is my number one place right now.

    • I’d LOVE to go to Morocco too…among a bazillion other places. I haven’t been able to go abroad since spending a week in Tahiti after college graduation. I miss traveling! First place to visit on my list would be New Zealand.

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