Low n’ Slow Sweet Potatoes

Hooboy….I am POOPED right now.

The reason for my fatigue? Try getting up at 5:30AM.

Now here’s the kicker…I did it without alarm assistance! That’s right… I just randomly arose at this absurdly early hour, and I was unable to get back to bed. Perhaps my body is finally adjusting to my early morning workout schedule?

Good thing I had to hold off my workout till the afternoon due to work scheduling. Unfortunately, my body wasn’t alerted to this fact. It was ready to rock and roll by six o’clock.

Silly body….don’t you know that I didn’t need to get up at an absurdly early hour this morning?

Well, because I was up and at ’em around 5:30, I had plenty of time to make some beautiful hot oats and coffee for breakfast.

The world’s best breakfast, comin’ up.

I had my usual whipped banana oats topped with chocolate hazelnut butter, PB, chia seeds, and raspberries. Don’t you love how the hazelnut butter just glistens?

Do you wanna know why the oats look so glisten-y today?

Something Nikon-related might have arrived in the mail yesterday.

That’s right. My 50mm lens f/1.8 arrived, and boy is she a beaut! Obviously, as you can tell with the picture above, I’m having issues figuring out how to optimize the focus with the fixed lens…..but I’ll get there. It’s amazing how much depth of field you can achieve with this lens, but like I said, I’m still in the process of learning how to use the aperture effectively. With time, I’m sure…

Some other stuff arrived in the mail yesterday along with the lens. Goodies from the Mom Fairy.

I was pleased to discover a new pair of flip-flops in the care package along with a bountiful bevy of bars (how’s that for some sweet alliteration?) including Bora Bora Bars, Luna protein bars, and Soy Joys.

The most exciting part of the package was this guy….

A Whole Foods gift card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three cheers for the Mom Fairy! Somehow, she always manages to know exactly what to send you to perk up your day/week/month.

My lovely care package in conjunction with the cooler weather today put me in a great mood. I had a great run in the afternoon….I did 3.3 miles in about 31 minutes, which left me sweaty and satisfied. Overall, a much better run that yesterday’s early morning drudge.

By the time I arrived back home, it was time for dinner! I decided to cook up some sweet potatoes using my favorite method: the Low n’ Slow technique!

I first read about this technique on Kath’s blog, and I’m soooo glad I tried it out. It transforms uninteresting sweet potato discs into delightfully sweet food pillows! Crispy and caramelized exterior; perfectly tender and doughy center. Sweet taters at their finest.

To make some Low n’ Slow Sweet potatoes, cut your sweet potato into 1/2 inch circular discs. Rub with a little bit of oil (I chose coconut oil tonight). Roast for 30 minutes at 350 degrees (turning them over once during that time), and then bump up the temp to 400 degrees and roast for another 20 minutes (flipping the taters once during this period).

Remove from oven, and note the sweet potato sap oozing from your discs. Who even knew that sweet potatoes had their own natural sap??? I had never seen such a thing till I roasted sweet taters via this method.

Yummy orange food pillows make my stomach happy.

To go with my sweet potato discs, I had a tuna burger from Whole Foods along with some roasted okra.

Random meal, I know….but the sweet potatoes made it work. They always do.

Question: Are you a sweet potato fan? What’s your favorite way to eat them?

Sweet Potato


9 responses to “Low n’ Slow Sweet Potatoes

  1. Sweet potato discs all the way 😉

  2. Aren’t mom fairies the best??

    Oh man, 5:30 seems *so* early to me. A couple nights ago, I went to bed at 5:30!

    And I loveeee sweet potatoes. Roasted all the way 😀

  3. I love sweet potatoes, in any form – baked, mashed, roasted, as soup, sliced into discs, fried. They’re so versatile.

  4. I love sweet potatoes and this looks like the perfect way to eat them!

  5. I love cooking sweet potatoes like this. I often make sweet potato ‘chips’ cause my husband loves sweet potatoes but oddly doesn’t like baked sp. I like the ‘chips’ soft like this but he likes them thin and crispy. I often make a combination. So delicious!!

    Nice care package!

  6. I am JEALOUS of your WF gift card!

    And I also adore the low and slow method for cooking sweet potatoes. I also love to mash them up with black beans and put the whole mixture in a wholegrain wrap – makes for a very yummy lunch!

  7. i ❤ sweet potatoes. in every form. except from a microwave. only in the direst of dire situations…

  8. sweet potatoes are awesome, i love them the way you made them and baked with goodies all over like cheese and mushrooms or broccoli.

  9. Sweet potatoes are perfect with roasted chicken! These look delicious! If you won’t mind I’d love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it’s all set, Thanks!

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