The Three Deadly H’s

Hot. Humid. Horrible. The three deadly H’s.

I’m plain sick and tired of this heat. Both physically and mentally….this all-pervasive, inescapable behemoth of a heat wave has rendered me a prisoner of my lone air-conditioned bedroom. All the other rooms in my top floor apartment feel like large saunas. Or human-sized ovens. Or tropical swamplands (minus the swamp creatures, of course). Take your pick.

After three days of the hot, hot, heat, I have decided to march to my computer and demonstrate my RAGE at mother nature by pecking gingerly at my keyboard and sending my words out into the infinite abyss of internet-land.

Take that, mother nature! This is Lindsay’s wrath!!!!

Suffice it to say, mother nature is probably not very frightened or intimidated by my actions, but at the very least, I find typing these things out to be cathartic.

So here’s the scoop….over the past few heat wave-plagued days, I haven’t really been treating myself as well as I normally do. I haven’t been eating the things I know make me feel best; I have skipped a few workouts here and there that I know would have done me a world of good; I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I know I need.

I just feel lethargic and gross and yucky….the heat is really getting to me, and I’m just hoping against all hopes that it will magically cool down to 60 degrees, and all will be good again throughout the land of Hartford. I know full well that such a dream will not transpire in the near future unfortunately.

In light of my inability to cope with this heat, it’s rather ironic that I’m going to dish out some tips for dealing with the hot weather for you all. But whatever…

(…sung to the golden oldie “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To)

“It’s my bloggie, and I’ll advise if I want to!”

Okay, I know that was terrible. I’ll try to refrain from making new and terrible lyrics to classic songs. My sincerest apologies…:)

So, what are a few ways to deal with the summer heat????

  • Escape it! Head indoors……go to the mall, see a movie in an air-conditioned theatre, go to a bookstore. Just find a place with A.C. and go live there for the day. The shop owners will love you for it.
  • Embrace H2O. That’s right, head to a pool. Go to the beach. Take a cold shower or bath. Hydrate with refreshing cold, water! Get reacquainted with your sprinkler system. All these things will cool you right off.
  • Summerize your meals. Step away from that stovetop, pardner, and look for some no-cook meals like smoothies, salads, sandwiches, cold soups, and grain salads!
  • Schedule your most vigorous activities for the morning or late evening. Get your workouts over with before the brutal mid-day sun heats up the pavement. Get your errands done in the morning or later on in the evening after the sun has set. Avoid spending too much time outside during the hottest part of the day (around 2-4PM).
  • Adjust your workouts as needed. Slow down those runs to avoid heat-related complications like heat stroke. Perhaps you might want to consider doing something less intense like hatha yoga or beginner’s pilates….know that the extreme heat will make it necessary to take it a little easier on your body during exercise.
  • Wear loose, light, and preferably moisture-absorbant clothes. There’s nothing worse than the omni-present “sticky” feeling that I can never escape when wearing cotton clothes. Yuck…
  • ICE CREAM. ‘Nuff said.

With that, I’m heading off to take a cold shower and stick some ice cubes on my forehead. After that, I might open up the freezer, and just stand in front of it, basking in its cool glory. Oh boy…what a night!

How do you deal with summer heat? What are your best tips for keeping cool in these dog days of summer?


9 responses to “The Three Deadly H’s

  1. I’m sooooo with you on this weather. It’s not realy the heat I dislike…it’s the humidity! H2O is imperativeee

  2. I deal with the heat by complaining about it loudly and shutting myself off inside the house! LOL But I do find working out first thing in the morning helps. Even though it’s still humid it’s never nearly as bad as it is later in the day!

    The most I cooked today was flipping the “on” switch on my rice cooker. The stove hasn’t been used in over a week!

  3. I keep cool by destroying my bank account and blasting the AC. Haha.

  4. It’s okay, things will balance out eventually. Trust your body. Hopefully the darn heat will go away too and make it a little easier.

  5. We’ve definitely been using plenty of popsicles and ice cream to keep cool 🙂

  6. Phoenix gets warm, but definitely not quite as humid. I hate the sticky feeling you get when it’s humid! I try to get up early and go for a walk before it gets too hot on warm days. It makes me feel like I’ve outsmarted Mother Nature a bit, and allows me to start off my day with a workout in the sunshine still 🙂

  7. You aren’t the only one who has had enough of this heat. I haven’t been able to stomach much past fruit and cold cereal this week. And not being able to at least be comfortable walking outside is killing me!

  8. I’ve been doing many things you’ve mentioned – eating ice cream, eating cooler meals, going to places with air conditioning, and going on early morning runs. (Although the last few mornings I’ve cut my runs to a shorter session, cause the humidity’s too much for me.)

  9. Lindsay, I usefto get in the cold shower with my bathing suit and a t-shirt. ThenI’d do whatever until I was all dry and do it over again. I did this in Denver where the humidity was low, so I don’t know if it would work in high humidity. Love, G. Jan

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