Blog Magic

Anytime I express any sort of pent-up rage/grief/sadness/frustration through the blog, I am practically guaranteed to have a better day the morning after the post goes up. Seriously…there must be some kind of blog magic that flows through the internet waters because it never fails to work!

As you might have guessed, after my rant about the heat and the toll it was wreaking on my body yesterday, I had a better day today. I ate stuff that makes me feel great. I got a nice workout in (45 min of elliptical action!). It even felt cooler!

Is it sad when 91 degrees feels cool? Yes. I think it might be….regardless, I feel like I (and the weather hopefully) are getting back on track, and it feels darn goooooood. Oh yes.

For dinner, I whipped up an interesting cold grain salad from various pantry and fridge leftovers….

The grain salad seems to be playing “Peek-a-boo” in this picture!

I chose to whip up some bulgur, a delicious and nutty grain that many of you might recognize as the grain used in tabouleh!

Mmmm….I love tabouleh. Along with most middle Eastern flavors….mmmmmm.

Sorry. I got distracted there for a second. Wait, is that a shiny object in the corner?

Back to task…

To the bulgur, I added a sauce made of lime juice, extra hot red chile powder, garlic powder, and some honey.

I then mixed in some chopped zucchini, cucumber, and cilantro. Some black beans were added for additional protein. If I had had a tomato on-hand, I probably would have thrown that in there as well, but alas, my tomatoes were used in my gazpacho from earlier this week. Oh well….

The bulgur salad was just what my body was craving. Cool veggies, whole grains, and beans…yum!

Fresh cilantro is one of my newest obsessions. It perks up just about any dish!

I’m going to tinker around with this recipe some more before I give it out to you guys. It’s good right now, but I think it could be even better…..and I want only the best for my readers. 😀

Hope you all are enjoying your Thursdays! I’m off to do a bit of gentle yoga. Either Yoga for Cyclists or Lunar Flow from…. haven’t decided which, but I’m craving some good stretching and deep breathing to get me all relaxed and ready for bed.



7 responses to “Blog Magic

  1. Mmm that dinner looks delish! I made your lentil pasta too, by the way – SO GOOD! It made wayyyy more than just two servings for this girl though, so now I happily have frozen leftovers (:

  2. I’m a yoga instructor and one of my favorite yoga downloads is yoga poser. its free on itunes. the guy who does it is an old teacher of mine.
    And of course, your food is making my mouth water!

  3. Glad you ended up having a great day! 🙂

  4. Glad you’re feeling a bit more comfortable!

  5. I’m glad you had a better day 😀

    And the bulgur salad looks really refreshing (minus the cilantro…personal preference! lol)

  6. Ooh, that looks great! I can’t wait to read the recipe. Cilantro goes amazingly in EVERYTHING! I had a friend in my dorm last year that swore cilantro made everything taste like dishwater and adamantly refused to eat any food made with it. I think she’s crazy!

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