So Many Breakfasts

Has you ever experienced that moment when you get home from work, and it’s time to start thinking about what you want to make for dinner…but much to your chagrin, you have absolutely NO idea what to make?

Clueless yet not helpless. You scour the depths of your pantry and freezer for ideas.

Thoughts fly through your head….a pasta dish? A grain salad? A vegetable salad? Pizza? Burgers?

No, no, no, and no. Nothing seems appealing.

And yet, the hunger is building. The hunger that has been building since you stupidly decided to skip your usual afternoon snack, something which you normally have in order to prevent yourself from having to decide what to eat while under the influence of rather annoying and somewhat uncomfortable hunger pains. Stupid! Why did you skip that snack? You shift uncomfortably in front of your pantry as the stomach monster groans out to you again.

If your stomach had its way, it would have you pound down a bowl of ice cream with some Reeses PB cups for dinner, and call it day.

But you push those thoughts away. No, stomach. We’re going to try for something a little bit more nutritious today. As much as you would like to roll with the whole ice cream for dinner thing, it might be in your best interest to consume a meal with staying power.

And then it comes to you!

Like an over-eager baker opening up a 450 degree oven to get a peek at his chocolate souffle, it hits you!

So easy. So obvious. How could you have missed it?


That’s right.


Breakfast for dinner. The creme de la creme of easy dinners. Because let’s face it….breakfast meals are always easy to cook; breakfast meals require minimal ingredients; and above all, breakfast meals are always delicious.

Thus, breakfast for dinner you shall have.

Two scrambled eggs.

One sprouted whole wheat ezekiel english muffin.

A slice of Colby Jack cheese.

A schmear of homemade pesto.

Combined together and grilled in the George Foreman until melted together in oeey, goeey delight.

You think happily to yourself, “Yes! This is what my heart wanted. This is what my stomach really longed for!

Your stomach churns its fluids happily and contentedly. It agrees.

To add some more color to the meal, you begrudgingly throw in a quick side salad with grape tomatoes and cucumbers. At this point, it’s definitely playing second fiddle to the egg sandwich….but it never hurts to throw a few extra nutrients into your day’s food intake.

Breakfast, you never fail me. Thanks for rescuing dinner.

And with that final dinner-related thought, you head off to the couch to digest and to dream of your next breakfast. Why, it’s less than twelve hours away!

Lucky you.

So many breakfasts, so little time.

Question: Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner? And what exactly is the best shorthand name for “breakfast for dinner”…brinner? Dinfast? Any ideas?


14 responses to “So Many Breakfasts

  1. I love breakfast for dinner! It is a staple in my house 🙂

  2. what?! ice cream is not an acceptable supper option?

    • Well….sometimes, it is. Lol! But not when you’re mildly lactose intolerant and scared of what ice cream for dinner might do to you during your early morning run! Be afraid, be very afraid.

  3. Your eggs look so stinkin’ good! I have to be in the mood for them, though, which is kind of rare. They’re pretty much a hangover food for me :/ Seems a thousand times better (nutritionally speaking, anyways) than ice cream.

  4. Definitely a big fan of breakfast for dinner! On occassion, I’ve been known to get wild and do breakfast for lunch too lol

  5. I love making eggs for dinner, either scrambled with toast, and making an egg sandwich with cheese, avocado, and tomato. And ketchup. Eggs are so easy and tasty.

  6. I loooove eggs for dinner! I ate them tonight alongside a plate of roasted broccoli and topped it with shredded parmesean. Simple and perfect!

  7. Breakfast for dinner ROCKS! When I was a little kid, my mom would make soft boiled eggs (5 min in boiling water) and “soldiers” (buttered toast sliced into long thin strips. The key was timing it so that you had perfect melty butter toast as you place the egg on a shot glass and chop the top off. The first time you dunk the soldier into the egg, you will be hooked. I made it for Rachel a couple weeks ago and she loved it!

    • I am definitely going to have to make these “soliders” + soft boiled eggs that you speak of. It sounds sooo good! I love soft boiled eggs and combining them with buttered toast sounds right up my alley!

  8. I love eggs for dinner! There’s just something so comforting about them!

  9. I could easily eat breakfast for dinner, and lunch and snack and everything. I honestly think I could be satisfied eating breakfast for every single meal. is that weird_

    thanks for the blogroll love!!! I have been having internet problems but am going to be retrying to edit mine and return the love. and now i am going to go make breakfast for dinner.

  10. I love love love Breakfast for Dinner! If I’m writing it out I write “BFD” but if I’m saying it out loud I call it Brinner. 🙂

  11. I love breakfast for dinner but I treat it as a sort of dessert, I don’t have it that often!

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