Summer Rain Run

I ran this morning in the rain, and I can’t even describe how to you how amazingly good it felt.

This run was the run I have been waiting for….the one I’ve been dreaming of for weeks now! The summer run that finally felt comfortable…..

Yes, it was still hotter than I would have preferred. And yes, it was muggier than all get out. The humidity level was probably around 90% during my run, but I couldn’t have cared less because the light, cool rain just felt so good on my skin.

It was fun to see other runners on the trail at the reservoir who were also soaked, but who were still out there running! As we passed each other, we waved and smiled as though we were members of a secret club who alone know that this whole “running in the summer rain” business is the stuff athlete dreams are made of.

And why, you ask, is running in the rain so great?

Because it’s freeing to get your hair soaking wet and not care one lick about it.

Because it’s fun to tromp through puddles like you’re four years old again.

Because the rain is at the perfect temperature to cool you off.

Because it just feels good.

When I returned to my car (in a roundtrip time of 49:15!), I opened up my arms and tilted my head up toward the sky and just basked in the cool, refreshing loveliness of the rain.

Every so often, I like to pretend I’m in a movie. The moment I just described was my “movie moment” for the day.

I knew I was being cliche. I knew I was imitating those sappy movies that feature a key moment where the lead characters start to laugh and play in the rain, and it seems totally ridiculous (cough…The Notebook…cough).

I might have gotten a few stares from other runners returning to the cars, but I just chuckled to myself. I don’t mind being “the crazy person” for a few moments if it means I get to feel so free and happy for a few moments in my busy day.

I returned to my house with wet hair, muddy shoes, and soggy clothes….and from the looks of my messy appearance, I knew that the run was quality.

Rule of thumb: the worse you look after the run, the more satisfying it feels for the rest of the day.

Dinner-Related Happenings

After my magical rain run, I whipped up a portable dinner for myself in the form of a turkey sandwich. Tonight, you see, is my work’s Poker Night, and whenever I have to come up with to-go dinners, my mind always gravitates toward sandwiches.

As you might guess from my blog title, I like sandwiches.

They combine healthy carbs, protein, and vegetables into a neat little package. A complete meal that you can fit in your hands…..can it get any better?

Tonight’s star was a simple turkey sandwich elevated to the status of delicious by the use of homemade pesto.

2 slices of sprouted whole wheat Ezekiel.

2 slices turkey breast.


Red bell pepper slices.

Sun-dried tomatoes.

And the key to it all: PESTO

Sandwich love….

I would totally eat this on the top of a mountain. But for now, it’s just an aspiring summit sandwich….

Sometimes, simple is best. Actually, most of the time simple is best, and I think that definitely applies to food. You just can’t go wrong with an easy, delicious sandwich!

With that, I’m going to head to bed.

Question: What’s your favorite sandwich?


6 responses to “Summer Rain Run

  1. Does a burger count as a sandwich? Haha.

  2. I LOVE running in the rain!!! Although besides just “feeling alive” and all that, I love the hot shower afterward. When it rains in Moz, it is usually cold and then getting into a COLDER shower after kind of ruins it for me :/

  3. oh that sandwich does look great!

  4. How can one have a SINGLE favorite sandwich?! There are just to many options! lol yours looks pretty good though, pesto is awesome on ezikial!

    Dana xo

  5. Running in the rain is absolutely glorious!

    I simply cannot choose a favorite sandwich…it’s just impossible. 🙂

  6. Your pics are so fun!! I love myself a Tofu Curry Salad Sandwich on GF bread 🙂 So yum!
    Need to post that recipe 🙂


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