A Love Letter To Oats

An old friend showed up in my kitchen this morning. One whom I haven’t seen for perhaps over a month now…his appearance was more than welcome!

OATMEAL!!!! Oh, happy days!

When I woke up this morning, I noticed how much cooler it was in my kitchen (as compared to its normal 90 degree temp), so I decided to enjoy my first hot oatmeal breakfast since June. I enjoyed my whipped banana oats with a tbsp of chia seeds and 1/4 cup cottage cheese mixed in at the end of cooking. Toppings included cinnamon, a tbsp PB, and some Crofter’s European spread (note: definitely not as good as the N. American spread sadly). My taste buds danced around in delight as I ate this oatmeal….happy, happy, joy, joy! I don’t think I can wait so long for my next bowl.

If I were to write a love letter to banana oats, it might go something like this:

My dear banana whipped oats,

how I missed you and your delightfully creamy, sweet taste! Sigh….we shall never part for so long again. I promise! You really are my favorite breakfast even if I tend to stray from you during the hot summer months. Know that it’s not you, it’s me. We will be together once again, when I return to the land of air conditioning (aka. my parents’ house).

Till we meet again, Lindsay

Ummm. So yes, I did just write a love letter to oatmeal.

But I’m okay with it. The world must know the extent of my oat-y love.


I had a short and sweet 3 miler scheduled today, but it was unfortunately neither short nor sweet. With that big bowl of oats fueling me, you would think I would have powered through the workout, but honestly, it was a pretty rough run.

My legs felt very tired and heavy from the start, and during the last mile, I began to feel faint and queasy. Not good. I decided to slow my pace for the remainder of the run, finishing up in a time of 30:30.

Generally, I won’t eat a post-workout snack after exercising for such a short period, but I felt so weak and shaky after this run that I knew I needed something in my stomach. A slice of millet bread + PB did the trick, and after that, I felt infinitely better! Go figure. My bowl of oats definitely wasn’t small this morning, so I’m wondering why I felt so weak. Maybe I didn’t eat enough the day before? Maybe I was dehydrated? Who knows?

I wrapped up the exercise session with a beautiful 20 min Yoga for Cyclist podcast from yogadownload.com. It felt FANTASTIC, and it really helped to release my super tight legs. I also did some foamrolling to get rid of some knots in my IT band and quads. I’m hoping that between the yoga and the foamrolling, I won’t have issues during my 10 miler tomorrow. Here’s hoping! At the very least, it’s very unlikely that my run tomorrow will be as terrible as my run today. I haven’t felt that queasy on a run for a loooong time.


To ensure I’m sufficiently fueled for my long run tomorrow, I whipped up a fast and easy whole wheat pesto pasta + veggie dish for myself.

It featured a variety of my favorite things:

  • whole wheat pasta
  • roasted zucchini
  • roasted summer squash
  • roasted red bell pepper
  • homemade pesto
  • pepitas

Is it obvious that I’ve been trying to incorporate my homemade pesto into everything I possibly can before it goes bad? Not that I’m complaining, of course. The more pesto in my life, the better!


To quench my sweet tooth (and add some more protein to my evening eats), I whipped up a new flavor of protein ice cream using frozen mango chunks instead of frozen banana. It was absolutely delicious…..it reminded me of the Orange Julius smoothies that I used to enjoy when I was a kid, but obviously, it was muuuuuch healthier.

Protein “Orange Julius”


  • 1/2 cup milk of choice, 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 tsp xantham gum
  • 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
  • ice cubes


  1. Add ingredients (except ice) into a blender, and process until smooth. Add ice cubes one at a time until desired texture is achieved.

I tend to prefer a LOT of ice in there, making it less “ice cream”-like and more smoothie-esque. Either way, the stuff is delicious.

Topped with a strawberry….

I think this would taste even more fabulous if more strawberries had been chopped and added to it afterward. The smoothie’s mango flavor complemented the strawberry so well! Such a refreshing combination of summer flavors…

And with that, I’m hitting the hay. I’m getting up early tomorrow for my 10 miler. Here’s hoping it goes better than my run today!

Night friends….


2 responses to “A Love Letter To Oats

  1. I hate rough runs 😦 Good luck on the 10 miler tomorrow!

  2. ha, I’ve been so excited on days when it’s cool enough to eat oats!

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