A Night Of Tapas

Greetings from Beantown!

I hope you’re all having wonderful weekends so far….mine started out on a high note with a rather epic tapas dinner at Tasca (a restaurant in Brookline, MA) enjoyed with a few of my closest friends.

The fabulous company included myself (dur) and my lovely friend Julia….

….and the always hilarious Nick, who specifically requested (no, I think the better term would be “demanded”) that I put a picture of him up on the blog. What a famewhore. You happy, Nicholas??? πŸ™‚

We started things off with some refreshing sangria, which tasted particularly wonderful on such a hot and sticky night. The Spanish definitely knew what they were doing with this fruit-infused wine stuff….

And then we made our tapas selections!

Roasted mediterranean vegetables served on a garbanzo pesto toasted flatbread….

Herbed goat cheese fritters served on roasted sun-dried tomatoes….

The table’s vote for best dish of the night….Warmed brie cheese served with an amazing apple + raisin chutney, apple slices, and toasted baguette slices.

It may not look like much based on this picture (the lighting was very low in the restaurant), but holy crap, my taste buds were dancing in delight with this one! The chutney was what made it so special. It was full of spice and flavor. Mmmmm….

After ingredient assembly:

Balsamic-marinated portabellas with red pepper toast points, capers, and a greens salad….

Sizzling shrimp with garlic oil and chili pepper…

Pan-seared tuna with Dijon aioli and bean/mango chutney….probably my second favorite dish!

Leek quiche with smoked cheddar and manchego cheese….

We might have also enjoyed another serving of the brie + apple chutney plate. Maybe….

We all agreed that Tasca was fabulous. All of the dishes were incredible, the service was good, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was perfect (minus the terrible low lighting which wasn’t conducive to great photography, but I’ll forgive them that one misstep).

I’m definitely one of those people who likes sampling other people’s plates at dinners, so the tapas dining experience is perfect for someone like me. I get to eat as much good food as possible without stuffing myself silly….and instead of being annoying, the whole “sampling a little bit of everything” thing is a part of the package when it comes to tapas dining. Love it.

Question: Have any of you ever gone to a tapas restaurant? Do you like that style of dining, or do you prefer to have your own entree?


9 responses to “A Night Of Tapas

  1. Lindsay thanks for the mention! The only problem is that I look like I have a giant body and a babies head. I am happy though.

  2. Looks like a great meal!

    I love tapas type places. You get to experience so many different flavors instead of just one dish.

  3. I’ve never been to a tapas restaurant but I’ve always wanted to! There’s sadly nothing that cool around me.. sigh….

    Guess I’ll have to continue living through you (:

  4. Mmm, sangria could possibly be my favorite drink of all time. I may or may not have split a bottle of it with a friend the morning of my graduation… πŸ™‚

    I’ve never been to a tapas place but I know I’d love it, especially with choices like that veggie pesto flatbread! I subscribe to the theory that just because your plate is in front of you does not make it your food – if I want a bite, dang it all I’m taking a bite!

  5. I absolutely adore tapas restaurants! I always want to try lots of things on the menu, so that style of dining is perfect for me.

  6. I love tapas. It’s a great way to try a number of different dishes without eating a ton of food. I also just enjoy long meals when you can sit back and enjoy the company.

  7. I looove tapas! Hope you have fun in Boston!

  8. I did it in Spain, but never been to one here in the old US of A. The pictures look like you were going for an old fashioned kind of look for them, just go with it ;).

  9. I have never tried a tapa, but they look good.

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