Dinner Disaster And The Tortilla Redemption

I had an atypical day yesterday.

First of all, I didn’t blog, and I hardly ever skip the blog. Instead of blogging, I indulged my inner old lady by going to bed at 9:00.

I’m not kidding you. 9:00! I had a chat with my mom around 8:30, and I could hardly stay awake so she encouraged me to just get some sleep. I’m glad I did, to be honest because apparently, my body was reallllly sleep-deprived. I slept a whopping 10+ hours, which I never do. I generally get about 7 hrs of sleep a night on average, and I have a hard time sleeping more than 8-9 hrs…..so breaking the 10 hr barrier was an unusual event for yours truly. And I must note, it felt FANTASTIC. Oh goodness. So flipping good. I must remember to go to bed earlier more often if such happiness is the result!

Before my epic night of sleep, I had an epic dinner fail. I even took pictures of it in the hope that it wouldn’t suck and I could blog about it.

But it did suck.

After downing several pieces of chocolate zucchini bread at work and skipping my planned run, I felt the strange and overwhelming desire to indulge in more carbs. Why does that always happen? Bad choices lead to more bad choices…..To appease my inner carb monster, I decided to make something with pasta, and after pondering over my pasta options, this pasta craving took the form of mac + cheese. If I had had a box of Annie’s on-hand, I would have whipped up that up and enjoyed it (and avoided the subsequent dinner disaster), but I was Annie’s-less. Instead, I tried to get fancy and follow a recipe for homemade whole wheat mac + cheese. But instead of being awesome, it was pretty terrible.

On my first attempt at the sauce, the milk curdled. On the second attempt, I used soymilk….and it never thickened properly. And the cheese. Oh, the cheese. That didn’t melt properly, and it never really came together with the sauce. It was just chunky and gross. Reflecting on it now makes me shudder.

Honestly, the pictures make it look better than it was. I threw in some frozen spinach in the pasta for some added nutrients, and while it may have added nutritional value, it also added some mushy, soggy vegetable action that made the dish even worse!

While it’s never fun to have a kitchen disaster, they are humbling (in a good way). Almost cathartic, in a way…as in “It’s okay if everything I make isn’t amazing.” It takes off some of the pressure of always trying to cook something amazing for the blog. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I tend to put pressure on myself to make quality foods for dinner. Having this one not-quality meal reminded me not to take myself so seriously.

At the very least, the whole experience made me laugh. I definitely have a few things left to learn about cooking before I can call myself a real Top Chef!

Today’s Eats

For lunch today, I combined a few random foods on their last legs to create a Mexican-inspired feast of awesomeness.

It all started with some tomatillos!

Aren’t they cute?

I chopped them up along with an avocado and the rest of my grape tomato stash, and I then added in some lime juice, EVOO, cumin, garlic powder, pepper, and chili powder.

It reminded me of a more “structured” guacamole dip with some added tartness from the tomatillos. Definitely tasty….

And what better to go with dip than tortilla chips?

Except….I didn’t have any on-hand.

But I did have whole wheat tortillas on-hand, but where there’s a tortilla, there’s a way (at least when tortilla chips are involved).

I grabbed one of my whole wheat tortillas, ripped it apart into chip-sized pieces, sprayed with canola oil, and baked at 350 for about 10 minutes or so until they were browned and crispy.

If I had actually felt like putting effort into this chip-making process, I might have seasoned them with salt + pepper, but I just didn’t feel like reaching my arm over to the salt and pepper shakers on the table. It’s a whole two feet between the table and the counter where I was ripping apart my tortilla. I didn’t want to exert myself too much now. Regardless, the chips were tasty! Really tasty, in fact.

I will definitely be making homemade tortilla chips in the future because they taste sooooo much better than store-bought ones. Fresher, somehow….and healthier too (especially if you nix the salt, like I did). I don’t have much of a salty tooth though, so I can’t say I missed the salt all that much.

I enjoyed my chips + dip with a side of Greek yogurt + honey drizzle.

Random combination of foods, but tasty nonetheless.

In other news, I ran 8 miles today to make up for the 3 miler I skipped yesterday (I had a 5 miler scheduled today, but I just felt like getting a longer run in…maybe it’s the zucchini bread talking?). It went decently….I started out way too late in the day, so it made for tougher-than-average running conditions. Think heat + high humidity + midday sun. I started out feeling great (sub-10 minute miles), but grew slower and slower as the heat became more intense (my last mile was nearly 11 minutes). It wasn’t pleasant, but I got ‘er done. And I felt proud of myself. Sometimes, that’s all you can for.

I think I’m going to get ready for bed now. It’s 9:40 after all….way past my inner old lady bedtime!

Happy Humpday, friends!

Question: What’s your worst dinner (or lunch…or breakfast…) disaster?


10 responses to “Dinner Disaster And The Tortilla Redemption

  1. Nice 8 miles!

    I have kitchen fails all the time. They never make it on the blog 😉

    That mac and cheese actually looks really good though. If you had posted that and told us it was good, I would be drooling. Haha.

  2. worst meal as you well know: potato lasagna…Have never lived it down. WHAT was i thinking????

  3. i went to bed at 9 last nite too– old lady hours are awesome! and that guac looks delish:)

  4. Getting a good night’s sleep is the best feeling ever!

  5. I think that peanut butter icing fail was my most recent and humbling disaster. It was so gross. I still don’t know what happened…

    I usually only get 6 hours of sleep per night, so I love those nights I can get into bed before 10:30!

  6. the meals look good!

  7. Once I made homemade cookies. They were too close to the edge of the sheet, spilled over, caught fire, sothe oven caught fire. I was banned from the kitchen for a while. I’ve since improved my culinary skills 🙂

    Fun fact: I get an e-mail when you update your blog. By the time this e-mail showed up in my inbox last night, I was ALREADY asleep. Yay grannies!

    • Bahahaha. That cookie story is too funny! I had no idea that happened to you. I’m glad you’ve come so far. 🙂 I’m also glad that I’m not the only grannie from our group of friends.

  8. Sometimes I think I have more kitchen failures than successes. But I always chalk it up to a learning experience. For example, I will never again forget that you need to mix cornstarch with cold water, not dump it straight in the hot liquid!

    And yeah, you have mad food photography skills, because that pasta looks delicious!

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