Short N’ Sweet

Allright folks,

I am absolutely exhausted, so this post is going to be short and sweet. I’m too tired to try to write anything wry and/or amusing. Blah. So forgive me if this post seems haphazardly strung together because…well…it is.

I had a fabulous last weekend in Hartford and spent some quality time with people who have supported me throughout my service.

I spent Saturday afternoon at a local soup kitchen serving lunch with one of my favorite people in Hartford, my coworker Debbie (note: I look like a giantess in this picture, but I insist that Debbie is just really short! She’s also sweet, as my this post title might suggest…but that is neither here nor there. Anyway you slice it, she’s a wonderful person!).

Even though we’re probably 30 years a part in age, Debbie and I are BFFs. I heart her. Under her tuttelage at work, I’ve become (in her words) a “true soul sister.” We have the same absurd sense of humor….I am going to cry my little heart out when I have to say goodbye to her this coming Friday.

I finished up another secondary med school application. Take that, U of Chicago! Too bad my inbox got slammed with another couple apps from Duke + Northwestern. Sigh….just when you think you’re making progress…

I ran 7 miles this morning in heat and gross humidity (my sunglasses actually steamed up when I stepped out of the car….I’m not kidding). It was tough, but then again, so is life in the dog days of summer.

Many green monsters were consumed this weekend as were many glasses of wine. Good lord, I love my merlot.

I also made a new type of sandwich. I dub it “The Spineggmus Bagel-wich.

Yes, I agree. It is a terrible title. But what else would you call a whole wheat bagel sandwich filled with a fried egg, spinach, and jalapeno hummus?

A lil’ bit of egg….

…and a lil’ bit of hummus.

Now, here comes the best part. The piece de la resistance, if you will, of this whole egg bagel-wich concoction of mine: popping the yolk in the bagel hole!!!!

Who knew a bagel hole could be so exciting? I didn’t until this moment. When I finally bit into the center of the bagel-wich, the yolk dripped down all over the rest of the sandwich…and it was GLORIOUS.

Seriously. If you like the whole “egg yolk dipping with bread” thing, then you’ll love the fried egg bagel-wich concept.

I might need to make this more often.

So that was my haphazard stab at explaining my weekend.

How was yours????


5 responses to “Short N’ Sweet

  1. That sandwich looks glorious!

  2. That bagel sandwich looks so good. I’ve never tried using hummus on an egg sandwich, but I’ll have to remember to try that.

    I had a great weekend – lots of catching up with friends and unloading from a week-long camping trip.

  3. oh yum! that bagel sandwich looks incredible!

  4. That sandwich looks amazing! I love spinach and eggs together, throw in some cheese and I am a happy girl. Great idea to pop the yoke!

  5. I have been all about egg sandwiches like that for lunches. With tomato. So good.

    And I must find me some jalapeno hummus.

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