Baking Procrastination

I spent most of today running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had so much to do and so much to take in that I almost felt like my head was spinning from the overwhelming nature of it all.

I had to say goodbye to some amazing colleagues that I’ve grown close to during my AmeriCorps service; I had to try to get some packing done (which I’ve blissfully neglected until now….); I had to go to a dinner and Spanish lesson in the evening; I had to get a run in; I had to go to a reception for AmeriCorps volunteers.

Yes, amidst all of this, I found the time to bake. But we’ll get to that later.

Thankfully, the run was a short one. A quick three miler which I pounded out in 29 minutes at a 9:40/mile pace. I was quite proud of this pace considering I ran 12 miles yesterday. I did a quick session of Yoga for Cyclists in the morning, which I credit for my legs feeling so limber during my afternoon run. I love how yoga stretches my legs out in all the right places….it’s the perfect antidote to running.

This run was particularly necessary in the midst of today’s craziness because it gave me the time to center myself and calm down from all the anxiety I’m feeling about my impending move tomorrow.

You wanna know what also centers me?


…especially when the end result of these baking efforts are as good as mine were today!

Specifically, I whipped up a batch of Health Carrot Cake Power Scuffins created by that brilliant baking genius, Angela of Oh She Glows.

I followed her recipe exactly except that I substituted 4 chopped medjool dates for the raisins and added an additional 2 tbsp brown sugar to make them sweeter (per her suggestion). I was planning on giving them out to my coworkers this afternoon, so I wanted to make sure that they would please the masses. When in doubt, just add more sugar.

I must say, these were sooooo amazing tasting. They would be perfect for fall….or summer…or spring….or… get the drift.ย I’m so glad I spent the hour making these scuffins instead of packing. My coworkers (many of whom are vegan) were absolutely thrilled with the goodies that I brought into the office! Not to mention that baking is much more aesthetically pleasing than packing.

Honestly now, would you rather look at this scene?

Or this?

That’s what I thought.

A few more scuffin shots for the road:

Seriously now. Can you blame me for procrastinating by baking? These little guys are quite the lookers, and they taste just as good too.

I also whipped up a huge bag of trail mix in preparation for the three day drive back home to Colorado by dumping all the remnants of my pantry into a freezer bag and mixing it all up together!

I spy with my little eye some almonds, pecans, pepitas, coconut flakes, dried blueberries, cacao nibs, and dried mango (I think?). Should make for a good, healthy snack while on the road. Much better than anything found in those yucky truck stops and gas stations.

In your spare time, please feel free to check out the guest post atย Simply Life where Iย dish out some tips for creating that perfect meal-sized smoothie. I am an expert on smoothies after having had one for breakfast for the past three weeks. I’m not kidding. I’m in a smoothie rut. But my rut is your gain.

Check it out: How To Build The Perfect Meal Smoothie

What are your favorite snacks when on-the-road?


12 responses to “Baking Procrastination

  1. First time visitor… Looking forward to trying this and your dark chocolate coconut bars.

  2. Baking is the best kind of procrastination, because it doesn’t feel lazy like sitting around watching TV or something. You can pretend you’re actually being productive.

    That’s a beautiful trail mix! Where do you get coconut flakes? I start off with good road snack intentions but end up with Chili Cheese Fritos and sour gummies by the end of a long trip.

  3. Trail mix is one of my favorite travel snacks, but I wouldn’t mind a scuffin for the road! They look delicious. I think I’ve already seen them on three blogs…I must make them.

    I’m sure it will be an emotional day….good luck with everything!

  4. Those look so good! You have my address right?

  5. I can’t wait to try these scuffins!!! Your photos of them are great!

  6. Cute scuffins. They make me think of this trail mix bread I’ve been wanting to bake in my bread machine. Gotta love trail mix.

    And great post on Simply Life! How’d you get that gig? It’s really well written.

  7. Those scuffins look great! They are on my list of things to make ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Pingback: Fueling For Long Runs โ€” Oh She Glows

  9. What a pleasure it was reading your post! Are you always this cheerful…and ENERGETIC?! It’s great! I read Angela’s blog & saw your blog mentioned (those scuffins!!). You’ve convinced me to make them tonight–I’ve been meaning to, but now I’m sold. Plus…my kids are out of muffins which they lovvvvve for breakfast! ๐Ÿ™‚ Safe travels!

    • Haha…I am definitely not always as energetic as I come off in this post. In fact, I can be quite lazy at times, but I would say that I am definitely a cheerful person. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m an optimist at heart. Hope you enjoy the scuffins!

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