Colorful Colorado

Two thousand miles, three double digit driving days, and three subway Veggie Delites later, and I am finally back home in colorful Colorado!

I was so happy to see the ugly poop brown welcome sign that I made my dad stop the car and snap a picture showcasing my gratitude and joy.

Swooooon…..oh Colorado. Don’t make me blush.

Today’s drive across Kansas went smoothly. People often balk at the mere notion of driving across Kansas, but I actually enjoy it. It’s not nearly as crowded as most of the interstate back east, which makes for less stressful driving conditions. I also find the scenery in Kansas to be strangely intriguing. The sky is BIG. The plains are BIG. The views are BIG. You can see hundreds of miles in any direction without a skyscraper, pedestrian, or tree to block your view. Everything in the state is on such a huge and vast scale that it definitely makes you feel very small while driving across the plains in your little car. They weren’t lying when they called these the Great Plains!

Big sky country….

There were grain elevators a-plenty spotted throughout the drive. These are the things you will find only in Great Plains….that and country stations featuring songs about “sexy tractors.” I’m not kidding…

Are those tractors I spy in the background?

Oh yes. Yes, they are.

Upon arriving home, I said hello to some familiar faces including my mom!

….and this little guy.

Sorry I woke you up, Horace (yes, our cat is named Horace….that’s just how our family rolls)!

After three days of road food, it was fantastic to enjoy a fresh, homemade meal. My mom had prepared for us a crab + gruyere quiche alongside some mixed fruit salad and steamed green beans mixed with a little EVOO, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar.

After dinner, I was hoping to get a few quality mountain shots, but they were shrouded in evening thunderstorm clouds….

You can sort of see them here, but they are definitely not in their full glory with this kind of cloud coverage going on.

I was slightly annoyed that the weather foiled my plans to bask in the mountain glory. Way to be lame, weather.

Tomorrow mountains, we shall meet again….

Question: What is your favorite part about visiting home?


12 responses to “Colorful Colorado

  1. Welcome to the Springs! 🙂

  2. “she thinks my tractor’s sexy” by kenny chesney– love it! haha great shots; i especially love the ones of that huge blue sky.

  3. If you think Kansas is big, try driving across Teas 😉 I have done that countless times!

    My favorite thing about going home is being spoiled by my parents 🙂

    • I did a roadtrip to the heart of Texas last year, and I completely agree with you. Texas does everything on a massive scale. Even bigger than Kansas….:)

  4. That’s quite the trip you had! Must be awesome to be home again!

    My parents live close to Lake Ontario so I love relaxing out on the back porch and soaking in the lakeside air! Oh, and Dad always keeps the mini fridge stocked with beer when I’m expected at home! 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos! I don’t know what’s better…the views…or your cat’s name! I love Horace!

    I’m sure you are relieved to be out of the car, but it looks like it was a lovely journey. Soak up all the pleasures of home!

  6. I love just the basics of going home – hanging out, sitting around the house and reading, going for walks with my mom and dad, and seeing old high school friends. I find trips home usually slow me down.

  7. I drove past that sign on Sunday and was wondering why “Colorful Colorado” has such an ugly and non-colorful sign!

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