Half Marathon Breakfast

This morning, I ate a half marathon for breakfast, and it was delicious. In fact, I might still be hungry for more miles. Does anyone else want to join me for my next running feast?

You know you want to.

One of the nice parts about Colorado weather is that it is significantly cooler in the morning as compared to Hartford, which means that I don’t have to get up near as early to enjoy a comfortable run. I didn’t even start running till 7:30 at which point it was in the lower 60s. By the end of my run, it was in the low 70s.

After several weeks of disgusting heat and humidity during my morning long runs in Connecticut, I am just loving this sort of weather. I hope it continues!

I did my solo half marathon on one of my favorite running trails in the Springs called the Santa Fe Trail. It’s a nice dirt path with rolling hills (some of which are quite steep) that meanders onto the grounds of the Air Force Academy and features great views of the Front Range foothills. It’s such a beautiful trail that I often forget about how tough some of the hills are because I’m so engrossed in the beauty of the environment.

That’s the type of run I had today. I so enjoyed the scenery that I almost (emphasis on almost) forgot that I was running for over two hours. My tired and achey feet again reminded me of this harsh reality by the end of the run.

I ran slowly to make sure that I could complete the distance without suffering any issues from the altitude. Apparently, it takes about a week to get rid of that yucky “Why is my lung capacity decreased?” feeling, so I didn’t push it today. I ran just under 11 minutes miles, and that pace felt just about right for me today.

Gotta take each run’s pacing one day at a time…

Nevertheless, I felt strong, especially while pushing up some of the hills. In fact, I haven’t done a run this hilly thus far during my marathon training, and I appreciated getting in some hill action. I figure they’ll make me even stronger and better prepared for race day.

I wrapped up the entire half marathon in a grand total time of 2:23:09!

These are the feet that just ran 13.1 miles. I’m proud of these guys….

Is it strange that I feel most beautiful and most myself in the moments after wrapping up a run rather than when my hair and makeup is all done up? I think that true beauty is reflected through a person’s happiness….and I am so happy here.

After a little stretching, showering, and foamrolling, I had a simple sandwich + salad lunch featuring one of my favorite sandwich combos: turkey, brie, and Crofter’s American on whole wheat bread.

Such a simple sandwich, but so tasty. Brie is one of those cheeses that I could eat everyday. Or bathe in. You know…same thing.

I also had some spinach salad with ‘shrooms, grape tomatoes, red onions, sliced hardboiled eggs, and shredded mozzarella cheese to go along with my sammich.

After eating this lunch, I crashed landed right into my bed for a solid afternoon nap. I really didn’t accomplish much of anything today because I was so tired.

One thing I did accomplish, though, was the consumption of a green monster. I split one with my mom, who is a recent convert to the green monster movement. She had been quite suspect of the green smoothies before, but the addition of some Vega Vanilla Chai powder finally made her see the light.

In the mix:

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop Vega Vanilla Chai
  • two handfuls spinach
  • one handful blueberries
  • 1tbsp chia seeds
  • ice

GMs are like an energy shot in a glass. After downing this green goodness, I decided to start unpacking the zillions of boxes stacked high in my room.

Horace was proud of me for this unexpected burst of productivity. He supervised while I did most of the unpacking. He likes to think of himself as a “manager.”

Question: When are you most happy?


10 responses to “Half Marathon Breakfast

  1. Great job the half! You are a beast 🙂

    I am most happy when everything is going my way. That rarely happens 😉

  2. That is amazing, Lindsay! You are a machine!!!

    I’m most happy when I allow my mind not to go in 50 different directions and I am in the present moment. That’s usually when I take a nice, deep breath and smile!

  3. great job on the half– no big, right?! haha you look SO HAPPY in that pic, marathon training is treating you well!

  4. That’s a post-run glow! Congrats on a great run! I, too, feel so at peace and happy after a good run.

  5. That’s excellent, and I love how you described how beautiful you feel after (and during) a run. It’s such an exhilarating feeling, to get adrenaline going and to know that you can run so far and so long. I totally know how you feel.

  6. I just love how you described how you feel beautiful when you run. I know what you mean – there’s nothing like the exhilaration and adrenaline pumping when you run, and it definitely makes me feel proud.

  7. Welcome back to the superior side of the Mississippi!! Haha, good luck with the elevation! I’m about to almost double my training elevation of 4500 up here in Wyo and start the Wild West Relay in the morning in Fort Collins!

    Congrats on completing the 13.1 miler!!

    Wow, lots of exclamation marks…

    • You can never have too many exclamation marks. That’s a fact…also, it feels AWESOME to back on the better side of the Mississippi. I love my Rocky Mountains!

  8. Sounds like you got a lot done if you ask me!! Congrats on the run 🙂

  9. Yay for your half marathon! I’m so impressed, I’m working up to it though lol 🙂

    Your sandwich looks great! You know I’ve never had brie before? I must try it!

    I think that I’m happiest right before I fall asleep snuggled up in my boyfriend’s bed – his room his perfect.

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