The Cooking Vacation

Before I returned home to Colorado, I promised my parents that I would cook for them. I had visions of myself running gleefully back and forth between the well-stocked fridge and the ample counter space while whipping up gourmet meals for my family. The mere thought of my parents’ beautiful kitchen brought a smile to my face.

Now that I’m actually home, the aforementioned vision has not yet become a reality. In fact, I would daresay that I’ve been reveling in the act of not cooking. As though I’m now on a cooking break or something….

To be honest, it’s easy to take a cooking break if your mom is as good a cook as my mom. For lunch, she busted out a beautiful cold potato and zucchini soup for us to enjoy. Why would I dare turn on the oven burners when she’s around to make such amazing meals?

All I’ve had to do for the past couple days is pull out the camera when it’s time to eat and photograph my mother’s cooking. A food blogger could get spoiled with this kind of service….

I know, I know. I should be a good daughter and give her the break from cooking. She’s been doing it for the past twenty something years, after all! But why cramp the woman’s style when she obviously knows what she’s doing?

Can you spot me in that last photograph? I snuck into the spoon’s reflection….

Just for the record, you all should make this soup. It’s simple and tasty, and while I’m not sure if it takes a lot of time to make (you’d have to ask my mom), I would venture to say that it’s worth the effort. The addition of the roasted almonds was particularly delicious.

Anyway, you’ll just have to blame my mom for the lack of new and creative culinary efforts on the blogfront as of late. I’m sure I’ll return to my cooking ways soon enough; but for now, I can’t say that I’m not enjoying being spoiled by my parents. 🙂

For dinner, I continued my lazy streak. We had grilled salmon burgers (which I didn’t grill), steamed asparagus (which I didn’t steam), and potato salad (which I didn’t assemble). It takes a lot of effort to be this lazy.

The salmon burger topped with grilled onions and avocado slices…..

I just love salmon burgers….well, I guess I love most things that come in burger form, to be honest. Veggie, salmon, bison, turkey. You name it, I’ll undoubtedly enjoy it in its burgerized form.

Green, green asparagus….a meal isn’t complete without a little green goodness!

What’s taters, precious?

A meal fit for a queen….or a lazy daughter on a cooking vacation.

On the exercise front, I attempted to do an hour’s worth of Yoga For Runners, but it was a fail. It was nice to stretch out my legs from the 13 miler yesterday, but I didn’t feel the burning desire to do a gazillion chattaranga pushups in a row or hang out in boat pose for 10 minutes straight. I stopped the podcast after about 45 minutes and chilled in child’s pose for a while. That’s more my pace…especially on a cross training day. I usually use my cross training days as an excuse to do the least amount of exercise possible without actually calling them “rest days.”

Like I said, lazy.

Question: What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy day?


12 responses to “The Cooking Vacation

  1. It is the complete opposite when I go home! I do all of the cooking because my mom can’t cook to save her life 😉

  2. Can’t blame you for not wanting to cook, those meals look awesome!

    I love chillin’ back and reading on lazy days, preferably with my legs up!

  3. oh wow, your mom does sound like a great cook!

  4. I’ve been a lazy cook lately too. I wish my mom cooked stuff like that for me!

    And my cross-training days always ended up being rest days too. I would stretch and stuff…but that was pretty much it lol

  5. I’ve been too enamored with getting my mom away from her lunches of canned chicken salad on wonderbread to let her do much of the cooking while I’m home…although when we duck over to my grandma’s house, there’s a whole different story…it’s so nice to kick back and let someone else make the goodies once in a while!

  6. That is some seriously lovely food! I would take cooking vacation, too. I cook for my family and I love it, but it isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. A little break is always welcome 🙂

    Cross-training isn’t my favorite thing. I’ve been trying really hard to maintain a little strength training and some yoga…otherwise, walking the dog is just fine for me.

  7. I get the same way when I visit my family- not doing as much as I could. I like to read and write blog posts, watch television, bake, and go for walks on lazy days.

  8. Go polar bears!! My XC coach went to Bowdoin and *subtly* suggests that we all do the same 🙂

    Just found your blog, love your story and beautiful mountain pictures! 😀

  9. Hey Lindsay-isn’t it great to appreciate your Mom? I knew she was the healthies cook I’ve ever known, before you. Rest a while-get your mountain legs back before you seriously have to cook for yourself again. Luv

  10. I love to bake, read, or watch movies on lazy days. If they’re lazy winter days then hot chocolate or tea must also be involved 🙂
    I’ve never really had cold soup before, is it as good as its warmer counterpart?

  11. I do not blame you one bit for not cooking, that soup looks DElicious! I like to lay around and read (and yes I consider blog posts to be reading).

  12. I love lazy days and usually like to bake. I dont know why I find it so relaxing, but if I can convince someone to clean up after me thats what I end up eating all day. Too bad there is no such thing as a cookie/scone/muffin diet.

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