My Civic Duty

My time was up. I knew it as soon as my dad handed me the envelope. I couldn’t avoid it. Couldn’t escape it. Couldn’t pretend like I didn’t know what was happening. Oh no.

It was jury duty time.

That’s right. I ventured on down to the court house this morning for my first ever jury duty summon and quickly realized why most people dread these things.

All you do is sit there and wait. And wait. And wait and wait and wait. And then, just when you think you’re done waiting, they’ll make you wait some more. Just to test your patience. I was glad that my parents had urged me to bring a few books, so I spent most of the morning happily chugging through Freakonomics. The other entertainment option was some terrible Nicholas Cage movie about the Masons and buried treasure that they screened on the tvs lining the large holding room (or as I like to think of it, the holding “pen”). Of all things to subject us, a Nicholas Cage movie.

Honestly now, judicial system. Where is your taste?

I digress. Anyway, after waiting forever and a year, the people up at the front started calling out an absurd amount of names and numbers. All of us in the holding pen clutched our little summons numbers and trembled in fear that they would announce our number. They might as well have been leading us to the slaughter; that’s how much people seemed to dread hearing their names called.

There were sighs. There were moans. There were upset faces.

Mine was not one of them fortunately. After nearly calling my number several times (they called the ones immediately before and after mine), they let the remaining people in the holding pen go.

Sweet freedom! It was like the last day of classes all over again.

In honor of my not getting selected for a jury, I had some celebratory tofu pad thai for lunch (which, of course, I didn’t make…my mom did). Thanks mom.

Just for the official record, I will choose pad thai over jury duty any day of the week.

You can quote me on that.

I also enjoyed my first sampling of POM juice, which the wonderful people over at POM Wonderful sent me a few days ago.

Aren’t they cute? The bottle design is just fantastic.

Beyond this, the taste is great too. Tart and not overly sweet. Just the way I like my juice.

I can’t wait to use some of my pomegranate juice in my cooking (whenever I get around to the whole cooking thing again). POM wonderful has some great-sounding recipes on their site that incorporate the juice into a wide variety of dishes and drinks. Can’t wait to try some of them out!

Anyway folks, I’m going to head to bed. Gotta rest up for my 10 miler in the morning. I’m doing it in a place that’s quite hilly, so it should be challenging.

Just the way I like it.

Question: Have you ever been summoned for jury duty? Were you ever selected for a trial?


6 responses to “My Civic Duty

  1. Haven’t been called yet *Knock on wood*

  2. I haven’t been summoned for jury duty yet, but I am definitely dreading the day! I’m not the most patient person in the world, so all of that waiting will be torture for me…

  3. A few summers ago I was summoned for grand jury duty, which went for about three months, and we met a few days each month. It was pretty involved, and took a long time, but I tried to stay positive about it. I chatted quite a lot with one other women on the grand jury, and learned a lot about our justice system.

  4. When I was in high school, I was really interested in civics and couldn’t wait to be old enough for jury duty. Now that I’m old enough, my interest has waned. Haha! Good luck with your 10 miler. I just did mine this morning.

  5. No jury duty AND pad thai = HAPPINESS!!!!

  6. I have never been to jury duty – knock on wood! Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself though lol and that pad thai looks AWESOME! I can’t make pad thai look anywhere near that good. I have to go out and buy mine haha

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