Hello friends,

today was all about the Zzzzzzs. Or lack thereof. I think I might be reaching my physical threshold for overtraining. Ever since my hike on Saturday, I have felt absolutely dragged out and exhausted, and to make matters worse, I haven’t been sleeping terribly well either. Not a good combination.

I was supposed to run a measly three miler today, but I just couldn’t do it. My legs are still pooped from the hike, I felt groggy all day long, and I have a 15 miler looming tomorrow.

Instead of running, I took an hour nap….and my body thanked me.

A good life decision, if you ask me.

Sometimes, structured training requires flexibility and perhaps, even more so than flexibility, a willingness to really listen to your body and give it rest when it’s crying out for it.

A part of me was mildly annoyed with myself for skipping the run, but then the kinder, more rational side of my personality reassured the anal, type-A side that missing one run wasn’t going to mess everything up. If anything, it’ll just give me more energy for my run tomorrow.

That’s what I’m trying to tell myself anyway. And with that, I’m headed off to sleepy land. I’m hoping that my body will start feeling “normal” again sometime in the near future. I’m tired of feeling tired all the time!

Question: What are your best tips for combatting exhaustion? Have you ever experienced symptoms of overtraining?


7 responses to “Zzzzzzzz……

  1. Overtraining really sucks! At least you caught it early.

    I know to back off when I am exhausted AND I have trouble sleeping. Those two combined are a huge red flag.

  2. I definitely think sleep is important – especially when training!

  3. Taking a rest day is the best way to recover from exhaustion. While naps work well for some people, I need a day away from running and other hard exercise. I might go for a leisurely walk, but most of the day would be spent doing a lot of hanging around.

  4. I think burnout and exhaustion are a lot more common that we’d like to admit. Addressing it early on (via some rest days) before we try to push through and wind up hurt and/or resentful is the way to go if we really want to get back our passion and motivation to be back on track.

  5. I definitely think that when your body is craving a nap, you do more harm than good by ignoring it! You’re right that it will probably make your next run even better.

  6. The nap was the best thing you could do. Sleep is the most important thing. Running tired could leave you more fatigued or injured. Rest up 🙂

  7. I worked out so much one week because I was trying to keep my mind off of a lot of stressful things. It resulted in me practically on bed rest during the weekend! My body felt like it had given up on me.

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